Our vision

Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, listen to music, read stories, buy products and most importantly, the way we find and share knowledge.

Here at OpenClassrooms, we want to make knowledge more accessible and bring another dimension to this new way of learning. We want to make knowledge sharing more accessible. We want to give everyone the opportunity to learn and teach. How? Simply by joining a community of active members who talk to each other, help each other, interact, debate and share their knowledge. Every OpenClassrooms member is both a student and a teacher at the same time.

Our values


What we do

Since 1999, we have been developing an e-Education platform of high-quality courses that are free and open to everyone. By promoting education for all, collaboration and knowledge sharing, OpenClassrooms has become the Number One e-Education website in French, gathering 1 079 courses and more than 2,500,000 learners every month.

Our sources of income

OpenClassrooms earns its living through different avenues:

  • online advertising : branded content, display and native advertising
  • publishing our courses in paperback and eBook format
  • access to Premium services (download of eBooks and videos, certificates, take a course at your own pace...)

Founders Mathieu Nebra and Pierre Dubuc (credits : Julien Faure / REA)
The OpenClassrooms offices (credits : Julien Faure / REA)

Our team

The founders : Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra

1999. Mathieu is 13 years old and decides to create his own e-Education website: the "Site du Zéro" (the website for dummies). He sets out to write computer science courses for beginners. Curious and passionate, he keeps writing new courses while pursuing engineering studies at EFREI. In 2006, Mathieu releases his first book about web development with the Eyrolles publishing group.

Then a high school student, Pierre joins the community of the "Site du Zero" website and quickly becomes one of its most active members. He joins Mathieu to develop a new version of the website, which will take them about 3 years. He also gets into engineering school INSA Lyon, from which he will graduate as valedictorian.

Pierre is only 18 when he and Mathieu create the company Simple IT (renamed OpenClassrooms later), in order to grow their projet while pursuing their studies.

Today, Mathieu keeps sharing his interests and talents in pedagogy by developing courses in various formats. His programming books have become best-sellers and have helped many beginners train themselves.

Pierre bring his strategic and business vision to support the growth of OpenClassrooms.

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Our journey

November 10, 1999

First version of the e-Education platform created under the name of
Site du Zéro

January 2007

Pierre Dubuc and Mathieu Nebra
create their own company to manage the e-Education platform.

November 2009

First course turned into a paperback

January 2013

Latest platform version launched

April 2012

Open source project CLAIRE (Community Learning through Adaptative and Interactive Resources for Education) launched

February 2012

1.2 M€ raised from Alven Capital.

September 18, 2013

"Le Site du Zéro" takes a step forward and becomes OpenClassrooms, all the while keeping true to its contents and defining principles.

January 2014

1 M€ raised from Alven Capital

March 2014

First self-paced courses launched on the site

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Founders Mathieu Nebra and Pierre Dubuc
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Pierre Dubuc, CEO
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Mathieu Nebra, Executive Director
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Offices 1/2
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Offices 2/2
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75010 Paris

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