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  • Online training

    Our students are trained online which means they are available to work with you whenever it's best for your business.

  • A flexible training calendar

    You choose the apprentice's start date and the training schedule.

  • An individual mentor

    A weekly coaching session with an expert in the field, to train your intern in the most efficient way possible.

  • Experienced apprentices

    Our teaching methods are based on professional situations, offering our students real world experience.

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Our paths in development

Our paths offers to students the required competencies to develop websites and applications.

Front-End Developer
DiplomaBachelor's-level diplomaopenclassrooms.paths.accessibilityLabels.duration~12 months
Salesforce Developer
DiplomaBachelor's-level diplomaopenclassrooms.paths.accessibilityLabels.duration~12 months
Web Developer
DiplomaAssociate's-level diplomaopenclassrooms.paths.accessibilityLabels.duration~6 months
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What our partners say about us

«By deciding to do this innovating digital partnership with OpenClassrooms, our main objective was to recruit apprentices as full time employees [...] their profiles are rare on a market where it is very hard to find resources.»

Nadia Khinache, Senior Recruitment Officer
Capgemini Consulting

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