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    The vast majority of our courses received the French RNCP certification (bachelor to master's levels).

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    A technical expert accompanies your employees weekly and answer their questions.

  • Real world professional projects

    Our projects are taken from real world situations and are applicable to your business.

  • An online path 100% tailored to your requirements

    Our paths are available anywhere, anytime.

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Our paths in development

Our paths offers to students the required competencies to develop websites and applications.

Front-End Developer
DiplomaBachelor's-level diplomaopenclassrooms.paths.accessibilityLabels.duration~12 months
Salesforce Developer
DiplomaBachelor's-level diplomaopenclassrooms.paths.accessibilityLabels.duration~12 months
Web Developer
DiplomaAssociate's-level diplomaopenclassrooms.paths.accessibilityLabels.duration~6 months
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« OpenClassrooms gave me the opportunity to move to a new job I am passionate about.»

Alexandre, Apprentice at OpenClassrooms
Junior Web developer at Mobhilis

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