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Last updated on 11/12/18

Quiz 2

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Evaluated skills

  • Align structures in HTML
  • Understand how to incorporate CSS into an HTML document
  • Question 1

    What CSS code should be used to apply a style to level 2 and level 3 headings ?

    • h2 + h3

    • h2 h3

    • .h2 .h3

    • h2, h3

  • Question 2

    The class attribute has a special characteristic related to the id attribute. What is it?

    • In a webpage, an id can be used only once, but the same class can be used several times

    • Older HTML versions support the class attribute but not the id attribute

    • The class attribute can be used in a .css file, the id attribute can't

    • There's no difference between these two attributes

  • Question 3

    Can you use any font you like on your website?

    • Yes, you just need to use @font-face

    • Yes, but only if you use a font that is hosted by Google Web Fonts

    • Yes, but the visitor will have to download the font and install it manually

    • No way