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Last updated on 11/12/18

Quiz 3

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Evaluated skills

  • Manipulate CSS to achieve a desired effect in HTML
  • Understand the roles of the different HTML tags
  • Question 1

    Which of these tags refers to a page footer?

    • <footer>

    • <bottom>

    • <nav>

    • <div>

  • Question 2

    The <nav> tag doesn't work in older IE browser versions unless a script is added in the HTML code. What's this script called?

    • jQuery

    • html-ie

    • html5shiv

    • htmlcompatibility

  • Question 3

    Can you include a <header> within a <section>?

    • Yes you can, but it makes no sense

    • Yes you can, and it can be useful

    • No you can't and shouldn't!