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Last updated on 11/27/19

Matching Team

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The Matching team proactively matches both students and employers and students and funding programs. As they receive qualified students applications from the Students team, the Matching team then pairs students with qualified job postings from the Employers team and/or qualified funding programs from the Social Programs team.

Basically, they make sure our students find the right financing option for their studies on OpenClassrooms!


The Matching team is divided into three teams:

  • The Sourcing team finds new candidates through networking and growth with campaigns, in collaboration with the Student team.

  • The Matchmakers team is in charge of matching the candidates delivered from the Student team, the alumni from Student Success team, the students from previous socials programs, and the candidates brought by coaches, into jobs. They are happy when students find a job!

  • The FinAid (financial aid) team deals with the contracts after each match and makes sure the candidate can start with the proper funding needed for the apprenticeship. They help matches from the Matchmakers team to become a reality! 

Who's Leading?

Gilles has extensive experience in employment and training fields. He was running one of the largest CFAs (Centre de Formation des Apprentis) in France.

Meetings or Habits

They hold a home-baked cake contest!

They also have a weekly meeting to update priorities, share problems, and find solutions around jobs and candidates.

Collaboration With Other Teams

The Matching Team is at the heart of the company and collaborate with all of the teams.

Their role is to provide the best candidates to the jobs they get from the Employers team or on the programs of the Social programs team.

The Matching team works closely with Employers, Students and Social Programs to match the needs of all communities. They collaborate with Student Success to make sure the students enrolling in a path have the best experience possible.

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement