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Last updated on 11/27/19

The Office

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We're approaching the end of the course about OpenClassrooms. The last chapters will be practical: how we use the office, when we usually come to work, where we eat, and what to expect on your first day here.

Let's start with the obvious: our office!

How Our Space Is Organized

We have 600 square meters of office space in the heart of Paris. The nearest metro stops are Poissonnière, Bonne Nouvelle, and Château d'Eau. There are several other startups around us!

Our office in the heart of Paris

Our office location is in the heart of Paris.

Our main offices are on the 4th floor (we also have offices on the 5th floor and a studio 50m away). When you enter, you'll see that we have:

  • A big open space, in which we're grouped by team (except on... team days!).

  • A kitchen, where we have lunch and where we sometimes also work.

  • Huts, where you can isolate yourself should you need to. Two-four people can fit inside if you want to have a small meeting.

  • Several meeting rooms, especially useful if you have guests.

The Open Space

This is where we work. Don't be afraid if it looks large (it sure is!), it's usually very quiet compared to other companies.

Student Success Specialists working in the open space
Student Success Specialists working in the open space

People naturally regroup by team (tech, finance, etc.) However, for two days every couple of months is team days, we swap seats at random to encourage mingling with other team members.

The Kitchen

This is where we have lunch. People also eat out sometimes, but a lot of us like to eat in the kitchen. We also have some after-work parties in the kitchen.

Should you need inspiration on where to eat, we've set up a collaborative map where you can find (and give) some tips on the best restaurants in the area.

Our collaborative restaurants map, if you can't decide where to go

Our collaborative restaurant map, if you're looking for a nice place to eat.

There are two microwaves as well as cutlery and crockery at your disposal in the kitchen. You can use them, but remember to wash them afterward!

The kitchen is frequently stocked with everybody's favorite snacks (madeleines, waffles, etc.). People also bring sweets and snacks to share, especially when they come back from a trip.

You can make a food request on this Google Doc (available to OpenClassrooms employees only).

If you prefer a healthier snack, we receive a big basket of organic fruit twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Help yourself! 😀

We receive a basket full of organic fruits every week!
We order in two baskets of organic fruit a week!

You'll find the usual coffee machines (yes, there are two of them) if you need your daily dose of caffeine (George Clooney is our coffee provider). We also have a great selection of tea! Finally, there's also water, soda, and fruit juice in the fridge. Phew! 😋

You can use the fridge and freezer at any time. We only ask that you don't leave things in there for more than a week or two.

Next to the kitchen, there's a foosball table that we like to play on after lunch!

The almighty foosball table!
The almighty foosball table!

Secluded Work Spaces

We have five secluded working areas of different sizes. Most of them have a TV that you can use to display your screen to a group of people.

Either use the HDMI cable, or if you prefer to work cable-free, connect to the Apple TV hidden behind the TV. To use it:

  1. Press any button on the Apple TV remote to power it on.

  2. Turn the TV on.

  3. Check that you're on the OC-Staff wifi network.

  4. Check the Airplay icon on the top right of your screen to activate screen mirroring on the TV!

The Airplay icon you should use (located at the top right of your screen) to send your screen to the TV
To display your screen on the TV, check the Airplay icon located at the top right of your screen.

You can usually use any room at any time. Whether it's to spend some quiet time alone, talk with some of your colleagues, or to meet people from outside, they are very handy!

The secluded working areas, where you can work and have meetings at any time!
The secluded working areas, where you can work and have meetings at any time!

You can also work on a couch if you need to work in a more relaxed setting. 😌

Some rooms have a couch if you need to think in a relaxed environment
Working on a couch

How We Work at the Office

Now, let's talk about how we work at the office. You've got probably a thousand questions. Let's try to answer at least a few of them!

Office Hours

What time do we arrive at the office, and when do we leave?

These are questions on almost everyone's lips! The answer is - it depends.

  • When do we arrive? While some early birds arrive between 8 am/8:30 am, most of us arrive between 9 am/9:30 am. Some people also arrive a bit later.

  • When do we leave? Most people leave between 6 pm and 7 pm, but you'll find folks up to 8 pm in the office (rarely later).

There's no general rule when it comes to office hours, just a set of habits. That said, we have an important message here: we are fully aware that we work in a knowledge economy. Working more hours doesn't always mean we're going to do more work.

Yes, we're hard-working, because that's how we're building a great product. But you'll never see us boast about how many hours we've worked.


Do we take breaks? Of course!

How you spend your break is up to you. Smokers often go outside the building (they are easy to spot), while others sometimes join them or relax on a couch.

We also have tea time in the afternoon, when people argue about whether it's better to drink tea or coffee.


Holidays are a whole topic at OpenClassrooms, and for a good reason: they're unlimited! We've dedicated a whole chapter to holidays so that you can understand how OpenClassrooms views them.

Remote Work

Everyone can work remotely one day a week. There's no obligation to do so if you don't want to, of course.

The process is simple: inform your coworkers you're going to work remotely. You should put this information on the Payfit tool to keep track of your remote days at least two days before.

There's only one day where we expect everyone to be at the office: Tuesdays. It helps us to organize a few meetings. For instance, our Checkpoints always take place on Tuesdays.


A few people have office keys. They cost a lot, so we've only cut a few of them. The people who have them are the ones who usually come early or leave late.

To get into the office, you'll have to go through:

  1. The Cité Paradis gate: it's open every day except on Sundays and at night (after 9 pm). You'll need to have a magnetic card to open it if the gate is closed. Beware: there are even fewer magnetic cards than office keys!

  2. The entrance door of N° 7, Cité Paradis: you can open it by pressing the main button during office hours. If it's late or the weekend, you'll need to enter a PIN code.

  3. The OpenClassrooms office door: if someone has already opened the door with a key, you'll just need a PIN code to enter.

It sounds complicated, but it isn't: most of the time, you'll simply need to enter a PIN code at the OpenClassrooms office door.


OpenClassrooms offers unlimited sports training through Gymlib. We pay for 100% of your subscription, which gives you access to a wide range of sports facilities: gym, yoga, aquabike, crossfit, etc. Check it out!

If you want to burn some calories near the office, you can go to the CMG Sports Club Waou.

There's a fitness center just nearby the office!
There's a fitness center next to the office!

Here is the full address:

CMG Sports Club Waou, Grands Boulevards
5-9 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
75009 Paris

Dress Code

You may be wondering if there's a dress code at OpenClassrooms. There isn't. Come as you are.

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement