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Last updated on 5/9/22

Imagine yourself in the mentor role

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Think back to a few years ago. Who inspired you at the beginning of your career? Who did you look up to?

This question might bring to mind a manager or colleague who gave you the right advice at the right time, and helped you to progress.

The human aspect is crucial when you take on a new role or learn new skills. Feedback from qualified professionals and conversations with your peers are essential for moving forward and gaining day-to-day experience.

For this reason, mentoring is a key component of the OpenClassrooms’ learning approach. Mentors are professionals and experts in their field, supporting students who are aiming to move in the same career direction.

OpenClassrooms mentors have several briefs:

  • Provide personalized support to each student, which considers their specific needs;

  • Share technical feedback once a week on the student's work; 

  • Motivate the student when they are lacking in enthusiasm; 

  • Assess the student's progress until each project is validated.

One of the mentor's main tasks is to conduct a weekly video mentoring session, to help the student to progress throughout their projects and develop their skills.

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Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement