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Last updated on 5/9/22

Get to know our mentor tools

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Our mentor tools
Our mentor tools

Use your area on the OpenClassrooms platform

Log on to the OpenClassrooms platform to access your "Mentoring dashboard". The dashboard includes:

  • A link to the dashboard of each student that you are supporting;

  • The next mentoring session dates;

  • A list of courses and resources to hone your mentoring skills.

We have created the following resources to help you update your mentoring profile, get to grips with the path and find your way around your students' dashboards:

  1. How do I use the OpenClassrooms platform and my dashboard? 

  2. Basics before you begin.

Don't forget to add your preferences to your dashboard, including how many students you wish to support, and the training path projects that you'd like to work on.

OpenClassrooms uses your profile information to put you in touch with students. Don't forget to update your information on a regular basis.

Using your mentor guides

Your mentor guides provide a reference framework for supporting your students on each project.

There are several tabs for each project. The student only has access to the "Brief", "Course" and "Resources" tabs.

As a mentor, you'll also have access to your own specially designedMentor guide” tab. This tab contains a wealth of advice on how to support your student with their project, as well as information on evaluation criteria. At the end of the project, the assessor will use these criteria to analyze your student's work and decide whether to validate it. It is therefore essential to keep the criteria in mind when supporting your student, so that you can ensure that the deliverables are compliant. 

Never share the mentor guide with your students. It will give them too many clues on how to complete the project when they need to find their own ways of working.

Join the Workplace community 

Workplace is the OpenClassrooms social network. You can join a range of groups will which allow you to:

  • Ask questions to the mentor community, such as how to validate a project;

  • Answer other mentors' questions;

  • Get up to speed with project updates; 

  • Check out any official announcements. 

The two main groups are:

  1. The "Mentor Community" group, which includes all OpenClassrooms mentors! All mentors will be invited to join this group.

  2. The private dedicated group for your path. Click here for the full list.

Check out our help center

Use our help center if you wish to ask a practical question such as "How do I use the OpenClassrooms platform?", "What should I do if a student does not connect to their mentoring session?" or "How does invoicing work?". It contains a series of articles on mentors' most frequently asked questions.

Get to know your contacts

The OpenClassrooms community is here to help! You can count on the support:

  • Of other mentors and assessors working on the same path as you. You can contact them on Workplace or by direct message using the OpenClassrooms platform;

  • Of mentorship managers if you need operational or learning support. Contact them using the contact form

Let's recap!

You have access to the following resources and contacts

  • The OpenClassrooms platform, to track your mentoring activities and develop your skills;

  • Workplace, to keep in touch with our community of mentors and assessors;

  • The help center, to get answers to your technical questions;

  • Our OpenClassrooms mentorship managers, who can provide advice where needed.

We have covered the different aspects of the mentor role. Let's now move on to how it works in practice. How do you support a student for the first time? Go to the next chapter to find out more!

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement