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Last updated on 2/27/20

Training to be a mentor

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All new mentors must have a short training period before taking on more than one student.

Training steps

There are several steps in your training:

  1. Take and pass this course. If you're reading this, you're on the right track. 😃

  2. Conduct and record a "discovery" mentoring session: 👀
    This is the first session done with a student. It is different from regular sessions for the student and the mentor. It is also generally shorter (around 30 minutes). During this session, you'll present to the student how mentoring works and will go over the learning path the student has chosen.  It also allows you to get to know the student, their goals, and their level. This will enable you to make informed decisions about how to get started.  

    🎥 This session will be watched by a member of the mentor network at OpenClassrooms, and they'll give you feedback!  You will find an example recording of an intro session in this course.

  3. Observe a mentoring session: 👀  - English version coming soon

  4. Good work! You're an official mentor!

How will I record my intro session?

Any way is fine! If you already have screencast software, like Camtasia, this is great.

Otherwise, do not panic! The easiest way is to create a Youtube live event in private mode (yes yes, it's possible). This will create a private Youtube video that you can share with the mentor(s) in charge of your training.

YouTube Live
YouTube Live

To get to YouTube Live, click "Live Streaming" in your Video Manager, and then click "Events."

From here, you'll create your livestream.

Create your live event
Create your live event

Go on and give your recording a title (putting your and your student's names, for example) and select Unlisted in the dropdown privacy menu. Don't select Private; this makes sharing the video with your mentor network much more complicated.

Select "Quick" for the type.

Now, click "Go live," and send the video URL to your student(1). Once your student has arrived, click on the green start button (2) at the bottom of the screen to start recording.

Hangouts on Air Window
Hangouts on Air Window

You can then find the videos immediately after having recorded them in your "My videos" section. Send the link to your contact at OpenClassrooms to complete the final step of your training!

Take on your first students

Once you've completed this final step and gotten the green light from OpenClassrooms, you'll be ready to take on more students!

Go back to your mentor profile on OpenClassrooms by clicking on the Mentorship dashboard.


Click on "Edit" and type in how many total students you can accept. Now, you can ask to mentor more than one student!

There you have it! 😎

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement