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Last updated on 2/6/20

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Course introduction

Ruby is a fun, accessible, and dynamic programming language! It's the foundation of the hugely popular Ruby on Rails framework as well, which means that by learning Ruby, you can arm yourself with the keys to create entire web applications almost instantly. 

In this course, you'll take your first steps with Ruby! In the first part this course, we'll use a simulation of the Sims video game where you create characters, except we'll do it in -- you guessed it -- Ruby. We'll use silly little effects to illustrate the point that Ruby is an object-oriented programming language and that it's very easy to create elements in your code that have certain attributes

In the second part of this course, we'll get into the theoretical data types in Ruby that will allow you to work with numbers, strings, arrays, and hashes. You'll also learn about the Ruby community overall and where to go from here.

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