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Last updated on 5/19/20

Get some practice by creating your own wiki to store user stories and acceptance tests using Notion

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It's your turn!

For this project, we are going to use another wiki software called Notion to store the documentation for our Quiz feature. 
Broadly speaking here are the steps you will take for this exercise

  • Create an account on Notion here

  • Take the existing wiki page that is created by default and transform it into our Quiz feature page (change the text etc)

  • In particular, create the table of user stories that has 14 rows  (one for each user story) on this Quiz page.

  • Create one new wiki page for our user story 'Retake Quiz'

  • Add the link in the Quiz page (user story table) to the new Retake Quiz user story page  so that a user can navigate from the Quiz page to a given user story (and back) in one click.

  • Add the acceptance tests (and other elements provided) to the Retake Quiz user story page.

  • Set the sharing properties of your wiki page to ‘Full Access’.

  • Share the link when you submit your project so other students can see the wiki you have created

Note that this exercise does not ask you to write user stories or acceptance tests. Instead, I provide the user stories/acceptance tests/texts that I used on the course in the Google Doc (link below). You can access and copy and paste this content into the Notion wiki.

The exercise here is to be able to create, edit and link wiki pages and to recreate what we did in the course - a wiki of requirements in Agile Documentation Format. You can find the user stories/acceptance tests in this document so you can copy them into your Notion wiki

To get help with how Notion works, here are some quick tips or you can read the Notion Documentation here

Double-check that you have included the following information :

  • Two wikis page re created in Notion (wiki software)

  • One wiki is for the Quiz feature

  • One wiki is for the Retake Quiz user story

  • The wiki pages link together

  • Wiki pages have good use of headings, images and tables

  • The content provided in the Google document includes (pasted) into these wiki pages

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement