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Last updated on 3/6/20

Implement data model and logic

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Evaluated skills

  • Describe the iOS Data Model implementation
  • Question 1

    What elements data model can be represented by?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Classes

    • Controllers

    • Structures

    • Enumerations

  • Question 2

    How can data model components interact with each other

    • Data model components can incorporate other components in a form of properties of inheritance.

    • Data model objects can only inherit original Swift classes, but not other data model classes of the application.

    • Data model objects can inherit other data model objects, but other data model classes can not be used as property type.

    • Data model components should be stand alone, they can only interact with each other via controller.

  • Question 3

    How can we access an image from image asserts catalogue programmatically?

    • let image = UIImage.getImage(named: "image-name")
    • let image = UIImage.init(named: "image-name")
    • let image = AssetCatalogue.get("image-name")
    • It's not possible, asset catalogue images are only accessible via Interface Builder