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Last updated on 6/29/20

Translate Sketches Into Simple Implementation

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Evaluated skills

  • Interpret requirements description and translate it into a clean design
  • Question 1

    What are sketches?

    • An exact design specification

    • An outline of a design

    • A functional description

    • Apple's design guideline

  • Question 2

    What's a recommended approach for a quick sketch interpretation? 

    • Wait until the design team provides the final designs

    • Hire a designer to help you out

    • Keep it simple and come up with basic design elements

    • Wait for your team lead to make suggestions

  • Question 3

    What are the main sub-elements of a table view? 

    • Table Header, Footer, and Cells

    • Labels, Buttons, and Image views

    • Protocols and Delegates

    • Only simple UIViews