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Last updated on 3/6/20

Build an interactive app skeleton

Evaluated skills

  • Implement custom collection views
  • Question 1

    Select the true statements about  UICollectionView  :

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • UICollectionView is used to present grids and more sophisticated layouts of a multi-item content.

    • The main components of collection view are: header, footer, and cells.

    • Cells can be grouped in sections, which also have headers and footers.

    • All collection views can only be used if all items look the same.

  • Question 2

    What is collection view flow layout?

    • An optional parameter that can be used to enhance the layout.

    • A mandatory component of collection view presentation that is responsible for managing the layout.

    • A Swift object responsible for view transitions and user flow.

    • An alternative to the Auto Layout.

  • Question 3

    What are the protocols a collection view delegate must conform to?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • UILayoutDelegate

    • UIGridDataSource

    • UICollectionViewDataSource

    • UICollectionViewDelegate

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