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Last updated on 3/6/20

Course introduction

As you become more and more skilled as a developer, you come up with more complex, fancy, and fun solutions to the challenges that come your way. While you are writing your code, you are most likely confident that it will just work. 😎 And sometimes it does! 

But once in a while... it doesn't. It may silently malfunction, resulting in all sorts of trouble for users, or slap you right in the face and crash! 👿

Dealing with troublesome "bugs" is part of daily life for a software engineer. And the best you can do is get ready to deal with them proactively!

In this course, you will learn how to detect, analyze, and and eliminate bugs that sneak into your application.

Having to deal with a few bugs is inevitable, but many of them are preventable! By incorporating tests as a part of your development process, you'll be able to significantly increase the quality of your code!

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Example of certificate of achievement