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Last updated on 4/27/23

Understand test-driven development

Evaluated skills

  • Understand the Test Driven Development
  • Apply Red-Green-Refactor methodology
  • Question 1

    What is Test Driven Development?

    • Adding tests to an application

    • Creating tests before the production code

    • Collaborating with the Quality Control team

    • Implementing the code based on user test feedback 

  • Question 2

    What are the TDD objectives?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Encourage you to think through your code design

    • Create a healthy development environment

    • Keep you focused

    • Validate code automatically

    • Maintain high standards

    • Create reports for managers 

  • Question 3

    What are the steps of the Red-Green-Refactor methodology?

    • First create a test that fails, then write production code to pass the test, then refactor both.

    • First create a production code, then write a test for it, then refactor both.

    • First create a production code and make sure it works without paying attention to the quality, then refactor to improve the quality.

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