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Last updated on 5/24/22

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Course introduction

If you've made it this far, it's because you know how to develop robust, powerful, gorgeous apps the regular way (otherwise, go ahead and take our other Android courses). And yet, as luck would have it, the little Android robot (now dressed as Master Yoda) comes out of nowhere and whispers the following sweet words in your ear...

- "Do even better, you can…"

- "Huh? But I already know how to do great things!" you reply, somewhat annoyed.

- "This is true...", answers the little robot. "... but gifted, very gifted, I knew you to be."

- "Before a Jedi Master in the intergalactic alliance of Android developers you can become, one final task I will give." Adding Cloud features to your app you will learn, the powerful force of Firebase you will master."

At last, you wake up from your nap with a start! Phew, it was only a bad dream. However, it did at least pique your curiosity. What if you learned how to develop a backend for your Android app? What if you could easily design an Android app project from A to Z? Then nothing would be able to stop you!

Well, with Firebase, that dream is now a reality for mobile developers! In this course, you'll learn how to create a server architecture (or backend) that works well and supports large increases in load (scalability). Together, we'll deploy a complete authentication strategy (by email, Facebook, and Google), store and retrieve in real-time remote data using Firebase Firestore, share files between users, and even send a few notifications, all through a fun, original mini-app: FirebaseOC.

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement