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Last updated on 1/17/23

Get some practice in creating an action plan for collaborating autonomously!

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You are working as a freelance soft-ware development professional and have responded to a call to create a software programme for financial analysis. You have previous experience of working for a company as an employee and have recently started working independently. Although you are highly skilled, there are some elements of the project that you need to develop your knowledge. You have been given the assignment in collaboration with another professional, whose skills and experience complement your own.

You are due to meet with your collaborator and need to plan discussion points to ensure that you achieve the best results for the project goal and to maximize the experience of working autonomously.


List an action plan of how you will approach this meeting of delegated collaboration. You should discuss each of the following factors:

  • Roles and skills

  • Communication

  • Co-operation

Include at least 3 ideas for each factor. Also explain why you would take this approach.

When you come to marking, you will be looking for indicators which best demonstrate competency and autonomy in relation to working with others.


As you begin to work together on the project, you sense some resistance in your relationship with your collaborator as he is beginning to challenge some of your ideas. What do you do to re-establish a well-functioning collaborative relationship?

List an action plan with at least 3 of your ideas.

Double-check that you have included the following information :

  1. An action plan is provided for approaching the meeting. The plan includes:

    • 3 ideas related to roles and skills;

    • 3 ideas related to communication;

    • 3 ideas related to co-operation.

  2. An action plan is provided for re-establishing a well-functioning collaborative relationship. The plan includes:

    • 3 ideas

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