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Last updated on 10/18/18

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Course introduction

Almost one third of all jobs will be impacted by this booming growth before 2030! 1 billion people will have to learn new jobs. :waw:

Which jobs are increasing?

A lot of these new jobs are in coding, in other words the mastery of a particular computer programming language. But there are other fields too!


People who work in coding are called developers. There are different types:

  • Front-end developers build the interface that users see.

  • Back-end developers focus on the internal functioning of an application or website - i.e. its “plumbing”.

  • Full-stack developers handle both back-end and front-end tasks.

  • Mobile developers build mobile applications that run on both smartphones and tablets.

UX Designer

UX Designers are in charge of the User eXperience. They are responsible for creating great user experiences that respond to the needs of actual users.

They carry out different research methodologies in order to inform design decisions. They prototype concepts and test them on real users.

UX Designers have to collaborate across teams and projects to design experiences and solutions that meet customer needs!

QA manager

QA managers work with other staff to establish test procedures, in order to guarantee quality standards on websites and applications.

They determine in-house quality procedures and standards. They investigate software to detect bugs and give recommendations. They eventually check if suitable modifications have been carried out.

They have a lot of responsibility: to ensure the quality of websites and applications!

Digital Project Manager

Digital project managers coordinate a whole in-house online project. They work with teams composed of developers, UX designers, web designers, web marketers, and others.

They have to respect budget and deadlines, while meeting business goals. They plan all tasks and help their team members to deliver.

They interface with a lot of different professionals!

Community manager

Community managers are responsible for managing an organisation's online brand, especially on social networks.

They work to engage a brand's onlinecommunity by generating new ideas for social content. They monitor the e-reputation of their company and report social media engagements. They often elaborate the social media strategy of a brand.

In a nutshell, they are the voice of brands online!

The demand for web specialists is ever increasing. These jobs are accessible to everyone with the right training, so don't wait to dive in!

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement