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Last updated on 9/3/20

Identify the Benefits of Bootstrap

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Evaluated skills

  • Identify the benefits of Bootstrap for meeting the needs of web users
  • Question 1

    Which of the following factors will impact how a web page is rendered for a user?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • The device the user is using.

    • The browser the user is using.

    • The version of the browser the user is using.

    • The alignment of the stars.

  • Question 2

    True or false? Considering how your page will render on a smartphone will have a significant impact on your users’ experience. Choose the most correct answer.

    • True: web pages are frequently viewed on mobile phones.

    • False: more users have access to computers than to mobile phones.

    • False: users download mobile apps as alternatives when they want to access a web page via mobile devices.

  • Question 3

    What do we mean when we say a web page is “responsive?”

    • The content responds to the accessibility needs of handicapped users.

    • The page’s media elements respond to user interaction.

    • The layout responds dynamically to the size and orientation of different screens.

    • The page has Siri fully integrated, so it responds to vocal commands.