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Last updated on 10/27/22

Identify how to correct common errors when using GitHub

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Evaluated skills

  • Identify how to correct common errors when using github


Now we are really getting into some really useful stuff!  Be sure to review before jumping into the quiz!

  • Question 1

    You're working on a project when you realize you've accidentally committed a file! You want to backtrack to when your files were still staged and not committed. What's the safest command to use?  

    • git rm

    • git revert 

    • No commands! You've got to light your computer on fire, do the hokey pokey, and turn yourself around. It's the only way. 

    • git reset 

    • git commit -amend

  • Question 2

    You're working on a project with a group of developers. You feel confident with your code, and get it up on the remote repository...only to realize two seconds too late that you've made a massive mistake.  What should you do first? 

    • Fix it as quickly as possible using git revert.

    • Shut your computer off and get off the grid.  No one can know of your shameful mistake. 

    • Let your teammates know immediately. 

    • Log what you've done in the  git blame register. 

  • Question 3

    You're ready to commit on your local repo when you realize that you've staged the wrong file.  What command should you use to unstage your file? 

    • git rm 

    • git commit -amend

    • git reset --soft 

    • git revert 

    • git log