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Last updated on 4/25/22

Define procedures for effective organizational strategies in teams

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Evaluated skills

  • Define procedures for effective organizational strategies in teams
  • Question 1

    Your development and QA teams can’t seem to communicate to get features tested. What would be the best solution to improve this issue?  

    • Using the GitFlow workflow to define how and when to use branches.

    • Using GitLab to enable continuous integration within the project.

    • Using a single master branch to facilitate visibility and ensuring that code is coherent.

    • Using an open source GitHub repository to ensure that everyone's code is accessible.

  • Question 2

    Using a process to manage a large development project with Git is called: 

    • A workflow

    • GitHub checklist

    • TGIF

    • GitLab

  • Question 3

    You are managing an open source project with new contributors every day. What can you do to keep your project active? 

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Regularly manage new pull requests from contributors.

    • Keep the project more exclusive by responding only to the most relevant pull requests.

    • Automatically merge all of the pull requests.

    • Use updated badges to show current issues.