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Last updated on 12/12/19

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Course introduction

Unless you’ve been living on Mars (lucky you!) cut off from all forms of communication, you’ve heard of a new programming language, named Kotlin, that is considered the heir apparent to Java.

Developed and perfected over a five-year period by JetBrains (the company behind IntelliJ IDEA), Kotlin has taken the Java development community by storm. The new language is described as "concise," "safe," and "100% interoperable" with Java, and it runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Kotlin has already been adopted by some big companies—including Uber, Netflix, Pinterest, and Square—as their primary language for developing Android apps. And in May of 2017, Google announced Kotlin was now a “first-class language” for writing Android apps, subsequently conducting all of its developers’ conferences in it. The message is clear.

So, what’s keeping you from checking out Kotlin for yourself and seeing what it can do?

Stop putting it off—join us now for this course! 👋

P.S.A.:  Students of this course run the risk of quickly becoming hooked on Kotlin! OpenClassrooms is not responsible for any Kotlin addiction that may ensue! 

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