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Last updated on 6/28/22

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Course introduction

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island completely cut off from any technology (lucky you!), you must have heard at least something about Kotlin, the new programming language touted as the worthy heir to Java.

Kotlin, developed and fine-tuned over more than five years by JetBrains (you know, the editor of the IntelliJ IDE), is setting the Java developer community on fire worldwide! This language was designed to be concise, safe, and 100% interoperable with the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), no less!

Companies like Uber, Netflix, Trello, and Evernote are already using it in their production apps. In May 2017, Google announced that Kotlin would be officially supported on the Android platform, and that they would subsequently produce all conferences exclusively in Kotlin. The message was clear.

So what are you waiting for: why not try Kotlin and see what you think?

Come on and join us in this course!

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Example of certificate of achievement