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Last updated on 6/12/19

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Course introduction

Vacation time is here at last, and you’ve just taken a plane...to Greenland; a trip you've been planning for some time now. In fact, you've already got your winter clothes on! Because you thought ahead, you bookmarked several extremely important websites on your cellphone that contain everything you’ll be doing in Greenland. Once you get there, you take out your phone and...

No 4G! Not only that, no internet access at all! 😱

But this misadventure might not need to happen to you... Why? Because you took this course, of course!  😁 This one will delve into different ways to store data in an Android app, accessible 100% offline (without an internet connection).

You’ll learn how to store content in the internal and external memory of an Android app, and even how to organize structured information and make it persist in an SQLite database. We’ll also cover architecture components to make your Android apps even more robust and testable.

Naturally, we’ll be developing a fun, useful mini-app to implement all this: SaveMyTrip.

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement