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Last updated on 6/12/19

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Course introduction

If you have no prior experience with coaching either formally or informally, you might be feeling slightly nervous or out of place delivering a session. You are probably wondering:

Am I good enough to deliver this session? What if my client doesn’t turn up? What if I forget what to say or even, what if I can’t deliver a proper action plan and my client never ever comes back!?

Guess what? Everyone that’s ever become a successful coach has, at one point, been right where you are now and came through the other side. So whatever your level is, this course will help you start out on the right foot with your clients.

By first showing you how to prepare and deliver a great first session, you’ll learn to develop effective boundaries and understand your client’s needs and expectations.

We will show you various coaching approaches and help you to engage and build rapport

Most importantly, develop the right structure to assess your client’s needs and create an action plan.

Finally, adopt a great coaching attitude, which inspires not only yourself but your client to work with you.

If you are ready to jump into your first session with zeal, let’s begin.

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement