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Last updated on 6/12/19

Barriers, Solutions and Career Coaching Techniques

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Evaluated skills

  • Assess the professional situation of a client


Make sure that you are able to assess your client's needs, identify their barriers, create a SWOT analysis and understand various coaching methods.

  • Question 1

    True or False - Reassurance is important at this stage of the coaching session?  

    • True - Because having a career challenge can be daunting and part of the role of being a career coach is to help our clients to feel resourceful and empowered. 

    • False - Because they have had enough reassurance during the session so far and don't need more. 

  • Question 2

    Your client wants to be promoted and is getting interviews but no job offers. What would be good questions to ask a client to help them to uncover their barriers?  

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • What feedback has been given to you during and following interviews both formal and informal? (Feedback can be in the form of body language, questions etc during an interview as well as feedback they might share when they communicate they will not be offering you the position) 

    • What preparation are you doing ahead of each interview? 

    • Who might be able to help you navigate this barrier?

    • Where have you been successful at interviews in the past - what is different about this situation?  

    • What interview questions were the most difficult for you to answer?  

  • Question 3

    Your client has come to you to help them decide their next step in their career, they are being made redundant and are not sure if they want to continue in their current profession or to make a career change.  You help them analyse their situation by guiding them through conducting a SWOT analysis on each of the two options they are considering.  Why might this be helpful?  

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • Because it will help them to understand each option in more detail and can, therefore, make a more fully informed decision. 

    • Because it will tell them exactly which path is right for them. 

    • It will help them to decide on which goal they want to pursue or even have a goal to explore both options in more detail