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Last updated on 4/2/20

Identify the Value of REST APIs for Your Code Projects

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Evaluated skills

  • Identify the value of REST APIs for your code projects
  • Question 1

    A REST API can best be described as:

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • A set of guidelines developers use when sending messages between application components.

    • A language that databases use to save and send data.

    • A way for developers to send messages between client and servers.

    • A protocol used for strong privacy and data integrity.

  • Question 2

    For which of the following would you use private APIs?

    • When you want to send information like passwords and social security numbers only to other developers in your organization. 

    • When you want to use the Twitter API to get all the latest tweets from a bank's Twitter account.

    • When you build your own REST API that you want third-party developers to be able to access.

    • When you want to use the standard REST encryption and security standards in your API.

  • Question 3

    Let's say you're building a web application for a pizza shop. 🍕You want your users to be able to look at shop locations, check out the menu, and buy pizzas as well as ice cream from your site (but not ice cream pizzas 😉). Which of the following would be appropriate resources or URIs for your website API?

    Careful, there are several correct answers.
    • /eating/pizza

    • /customers

    • /pizzas/icecream

    • /locations/123

    • /inventory/ilovepizza

    • /pizza/toppings