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Last updated on 12/11/19

Course introduction

Hello, and welcome to this course!

Ready to learn more about the Salesforce Developer Path? In this course, you will discover how to take full advantage of the resources available to you.

Discover the OpenClassrooms-Salesforce partnership

This training path is dedicated to preparing you to certify as a Salesforce professional.

The Salesforce logo: a blue cloud
Our partner, Salesforce

Salesforce is a software publisher, best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. As a Salesforce developer, you'll need to set up and optimize Salesforce apps for customers with diverse profiles to improve their processes. You could work as a freelancer or employee with one of the more than 150,000 companies around the world that use Salesforce software, or you could become employed directly by Salesforce.

OpenClassrooms and Salesforce have joined forces to offer an active learning program for those who want to start a career as a Salesforce developer.

  • First, OpenClassrooms collaborated with professionals at Trailhead, the official Salesforce training community, to identify the competencies required of all Salesforce developers.

  • Then, OpenClassrooms collaborated with working Salesforce experts to design a series of active learning projects: the backbone of the Salesforce Developer Path.

  • Lastly, OpenClassrooms and Trailhead have each provided training modules and courses that will support your learning as you meet the challenges of each project and complete the path.

The Trailhead logo
Trailhead - OpenClassrooms' learning platform

Our partnership ensures a fully online training perfectly tailored to your needs as a future Salesforce developer!

Discover OpenClassrooms' active approach to learning

OpenClassrooms projects

As mentioned above, the Salesforce Developer Path, like all OpenClassrooms paths, is made up of a series of projects. They are at the heart of the OpenClassrooms pedagogy.

Your goal is to complete all projects in the path successfully to earn your OpenClassrooms diploma and fully prepare yourself for your career ahead.

These projects will give you the opportunity to develop and validate the essential skills for working as a Salesforce developer. We learn best by doing!

You will have 12 projects to complete on the Salesforce Developer Path. Each project provides a scenario to immerse you in a professional context and prepare you for your future career. You could find yourself optimizing the CRM system used by a startup travel agency or creating the back end of a Salesforce application for a global internet provider! Each project will build on the skills you've validated in previous projects.

Projects require a lot of work. Generally, on first reading the scenario and instructions, you will encounter difficulties in fully understanding the task and how to complete it. That's perfectly normal!

To help you succeed in the projects, we provide three resources:

  • Courses and modules to help you develop the skills required, step by step.

  • An online community space for interacting with other students.

  • A dedicated mentor, who will be a working professional familiar with the type of scenario you're working in. Your mentor will support you via weekly video calls.

The Salesforce Developer Path

This course is divided into three phases.

  1. First, you'll focus on building the skills of a Salesforce Administrator.

  2. Next, you'll learn computer programming and add the skills of a general developer to your tool belt.

  3. Finally, you'll deepen these new coding skills within the context of Salesforce software.

Phase 1: Salesforce Administrator

The first three projects in the course will train you to become a Salesforce Administrator.

But what is a Salesforce Administrator?

A Salesforce Administrator is responsible for customizing and optimizing Salesforce applications according to customer needs. They have a working knowledge of the Salesforce platform, enabling them to create personalized solutions without needing to manipulate the code behind the software.

In completing these projects, you will develop and validate skills such as the following:

  • Identify the features of the Salesforce platform.

  • Use CRM to improve the efficiency of a business.

  • And more!

Phase 2: Developer

For projects 4-6, you'll gain experience in the basics of working as a developer. You'll learn HTML and CSS, as well as the JavaScript and Java programming languages. This phase will lay the groundwork for your future specialization in Salesforce development.

In completing these projects, you will develop and validate skills such as the following:

  • Build a collaborative code project.

  • Fix an application according to a test execution report.

  • And more!

Phase 3: Salesforce Developer

Projects 7-12 will give you the opportunity to adapt your new developer skills to the Salesforce context and add new ones giving you everything you'll need to pass the Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification and start your career as a Salesforce developer. Step by step, you'll improve, design, create, and deploy Salesforce applications. You'll also learn Visualforce, work with Lightning Experience, and code with the Apex programming language along the way.

In completing these projects, you will develop and validate skills such as:

  • Design the technical architecture of an Apex application.

  • Respect the Salesforce industry standard practices

  • And more!

Succeed in projects with the help of courses

To develop the skills required to complete a project, you will first follow a list of recommended courses.

Throughout your learning path, you will encounter two types of online training courses:

  • OpenClassrooms courses

  • Trailhead modules

OpenClassrooms courses

OpenClassrooms courses are designed around specific learning outcomes tied to the skills required to complete a project. Each course was created by an expert in the field, in collaboration with the OpenClassrooms education team.

The courses contain videos, text, tutorials, and interactive exercises. You'll also have the opportunity to check your progress on the learning outcomes with quizzes and peer-evaluated activities.

An OpenClassrooms project followed by recommended courses
An OpenClassrooms project followed by recommended courses

Trailhead modules

The Trailhead modules available throughout your learning path are 100% Salesforce-focused and provide essential knowledge for completing your projects. You'll find theses ressources in the "Ressources" rubric of each project.

A list of recommended Trailhead resources is provided for each project in Phases 1 and 3, and a bonus list in Phase 2 will help you get a head start on applying your early developer skills to Salesforce.

A Trailhead modules list for a project
A Trailhead modules list for a project

Gain invaluable experience interacting with your mentor

A dedicated mentor will accompany you as you advance along your learning path.

How does mentoring work with online learning?

You will be put in touch with your mentor within 48 hours of starting on the path. Together you'll arrange your first meeting via video call and set up a schedule for your weekly mentoring sessions.

For your mentoring sessions, you might choose Skype, Workplace, Google Hangouts, or another video conferencing tool. Check that you have a properly working microphone and webcam before each session!

Une visioconférence avec un mentor
A video call with a mentor

Punctuality is important! If you need to reschedule a session, inform your mentor at least 48 hours in advance; otherwise, you will lose that session for the week.

What will I do with my mentor?

In each session, you and your mentor will review the progress you've made over the course of the previous week. Your mentor will have given you assignments adapted to your current skills.

The objective of learning through projects is to research solutions through hands-on experience; your mentor will support your learning by guiding you in the right direction, allowing you to make autonomous discoveries. The mentor is there to unblock you when you get stuck. Drawing from professional experience, a mentor has an informed perspective on the gaps in your knowledge and skills as well as the problems you'll likely face. Your mentor will be able to point you to the course, module, or exercise you need when you need it. Mentors often recognize that their most important role is to reassure students of their ability to succeed - and it works! đź¤—

Your deliverables and assessment

To complete a project, you will produce and present specific deliverables associated with the project's scenario. When you are ready for a project assessment, you will upload your deliverables onto the OpenClassrooms platform, where they will be stored as a path portfolio.

Refer to the Deliverables section of each project to get an overview of the documents to deliver, how to name them, and other essential details.

At the end of each project, your mentor will arrange an assessment session for you with a project assessor. Assessments are recorded role-playing sessions in which you present and defend your deliverables as if to a client or manager. The assessor will determine whether you have successfully validated the target skills of the project or need to rework your deliverables in order to develop your skills further before advancing to the next project.

Finally, once all of your projects are complete and validated by an assessor, an expert jury will analyze your deliverables as a comprehensive portfolio to validate your success on the path. A successful portfolio defense will mean earning your OpenClassrooms diploma.

Throughout your learning path, your portfolio will be accessible by your mentors, assessors, and eventually, the jury.

You're ready!

The Salesforce Developer Path is a lot of work, but in the end you'll have the skills required to dive into a promising career!

Let's get started!

Example of certificate of achievement
Example of certificate of achievement