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The famous special delicious dishes Cua Lo, Nghe An Attractive.

Summer vacation season is also at sea Cua Lo becomes more attractive than ever. A place with lots of beautiful views and lots of delicious food is something you cannot forget. Let's pocket the famous Cua Lo beach famous dishes or Cua Lo specialties to make the trip perfect. You can refer to the article about the experience of traveling to the Cua Lo >>>>

The famous delicious food Cua Lo

Grow crabs - The dish is hard to resist in Cua Lo
If you are coming to Cua Lo beach for the first time, Cua Lo special dish that you cannot ignore is crab growing. No one here knows that this dish is both nutritious and extremely delicious.

Crab dishes are carefully and meticulously processed by the seller with the main ingredient is crab meat removed with a small amount of crushed meat and onions, fish sauce, pepper, wood ear, mushrooms ... The ingredients are blended into Crab shells before steaming. The processor must prepare the crabs so they have just cooked to get the egg yolks spread evenly before they are steamed again a second time.

The special feature of this dish is that when you eat, the seller presents the crab exactly like a live crab that makes you eat once and remember for a lifetime.

Cobia seven dishes - Delicious specialties in Cua Lo

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People in the sea often whisper to each other about Cua Lo without enjoying cobia seven dishes are considered not to come here. To make this famous Cua Lo delicacy, you need cobia a species of fish specialized in the island of Ngu when growing up they can weigh up to 30kg.

This fish is quite aggressive, but through the skill of the chef, you will enjoy 7 delicious dishes including: fish salad, steamed fish with lemongrass, stir-fried fish heart, fish hotpot, fish porridge, fish fin, fried skin guide.

Tamarind steamed with tamarind - Delightful delicacies for diners in Cua Lo
Referring to the sea, it is impossible not to mention a very familiar seafood when you go to any sea. The hard crabs, brick, are cleaned, peeled apricot, separate into 2 parts. du lich viet The skillful processor soaked a little soy sauce, MSG, pepper on the whole body to infuse evenly. Then drop the crabs in the pan of hot oil until the crabs turn red and take them out. To make the dish more delicious and attractive, at Cua Lo they add dried tamarind before frying crab with garlic, sauce.

A tasty and sour temple dish, spicy and sweet with a strong flavor will surely make you remember forever.

Eel porridge - A delicious dish at Cua Lo

Eel porridge is not only a delicacy in Cua Lo, but it is also a specialty of the whole Nghe An province. The fat yellow eel is cleaned into a bamboo stick to cook with rice until cooked meat mixed with porridge nothing better. The dish is not only nutritious but also really attractive to visitors.

Fish sauce - A delicious dish not to be missed in Cua Lo
When enjoying the types of seafood, Nghe's dishes without a little fresh fish sauce made from scad, the autumn is really lacking in taste. Usually fish sauce is made from the type of scad or fresh mackerel, high in protein, composted from 9 to 12 months, never to use it.

To make the sauce more delicious, fishermen often mix fish sauce with hearing made of rice or roasted beans and molasses, beat and pour water to add salt to stir, filter the water to cook fish sauce. Cua Lo fish sauce has a long tradition of hundreds of years, high protein, making each meal of visitors more charming and unforgettable.

Squid - A favorite dish of diners in Cua Lo

Grilled squid grilled in Cua Lo has long been famous in this area. The squid here is freshly caught before grilling and enjoying with mustard.

Squid dishes are also used to boil, rim, fry, and make squid rolls to increase the inherent flavor. Prominent among them is the ink flashing. In order for this dish to be delicious, the chef must skillfully choose a delicious grapefruit, peel, remove seeds, take fresh cloves, then take grilled and dried dried shredded squid and place them on a plate on the grapefruit cloves. travel in the world People take crushed garlic, sugar, MSG, sugar, pepper mixed in fish sauce, pour it on a plate of squid mixed with grapefruit cloves, creating a very strange and attractive dish.

Above is a list of famous delicacies in Cua Lo hope you have more choices for meals on the upcoming journey. Dulichviet wishes you always have a lot of luck on every road.

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