Free online courses for all Deliveroo riders and family

The Deliveroo Rider Academy, in collaboration with OpenClassrooms, brings an innovative learning and development opportunity to riders who work with Deliveroo and their families*.

Choose from over 700 fully online skill-building courses in English and French covering areas including:

  • business & data
  • coding and web development
  • entrepreunership
  • management
  • employability skills

These self-paced courses (between 5-20 hours) are available for beginners through more advanced levels allowing you to get certificates in high-demand skills to boost your CV.

Your exclusive premium access (Premium Solo) allows you to:

  1. Take an unlimited amount of courses
  2. Obtain certificates of achievement to demonstrate your newly aquired skills to employers
  3. Access all content online or offline, including access via our iOS App.

Start developing new skills and level up your career today!

* Riders and family sign-up: Access is for active Deliveroo riders (active in the last 3 weeks with at least one order), OR any members of their direct family, including; partners, siblings, parents and children.

How does it work?

  1. Create your OpenClassrooms account by using the "Sign up" or "Sign in" button below
  2. Please ensure you enter your first name and last name correctly, as this is what will appear on any certificates of achievement you earn
  3. Once signed-up, on the same page you will be asked to upgrade to your free premium subscription, you will also be required to enter a valid Deliveroo Rider ID


Where can I find my Deliveroo rider ID?

You can find your rider ID in the Deliveroo rider app menu just below your name. Family members will need to submit the correct name and ID of an eligible rider.

What family members can get free access via a valid rider ID?

Direct family members of a rider can get the same exclusive access. This is limited to: partners/spouses, siblings, children/dependents, parents.

How long will I have access for?

Your Premium Solo membership will be valid for 3 months at a time, as long as you (or your family member) continue to be active on Deliveroo in the last 3 months. You are free to sign up as many times as you want as long as the rider remains active with Deliveroo.

I already have a Premium Solo membership with OpenClassrooms, not through the Deliveroo Rider Academy. How should I proceed?

You must unsubscribe from your Premium Solo membership. Once you are unsubscribed, you will be able to take advantage of free Rider Academy membership via the partnership as long as you are correctly registered with Deliveroo.