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One million computer programming jobs are estimated to be created in the U.S. by 2020 - as well as 700,000 in Europe - thanks to unprecedented growth in the tech sector.

Here at OpenClassrooms, we pinpoint the key skills needed for the most in-demand jobs and develop courses and diplomas to train our students in those areas. That’s why we've developed this six-month associate-level diploma in web development, which you can complete entirely online with the help of a dedicated mentor. 

What will I do as a web developer?

Web developers are a fundamental part of any tech team. As entry-level developers, they bring to life the mockups created by UX designers. They translate these graphic recommendations into web languages by writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. They are often in charge of:

  • translating graphical mockups into web pages in HTML and CSS
  • integrating text, image, animation, video, and sound content on the web
  • optimizing the performance and compliance of web pages
  • establishing communication between the interface and server with JavaScript 
  • develop simple web applications from user requirements specifications

How much will I earn?

Web development can be a lucrative career with many prospects opening up as you continue to rack up valuable experience. Here is what you can expect to earn in your career as a web developer, followed by your economic opportunities as you evolve in your web development career. 

United States

Entry-level web developer: $25,000 - $75,000 

Experienced web developers: $50,000 - $90,000 +

United Kingdom

Entry-level web developer: £21,000 - £25,000

Experienced web developers: £25,000 - £40,000 +

What are my job prospects?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 24,000 new job positions in web development will be created between 2016-2026, with a 15% growth rate.

OpenClassrooms' Web Developer Path can prepare you for the following jobs:

  • Junior web developer (5000+ jobs listed in US + UK on Indeed, Glassdoor, and Reed)
  • Web developer
  • Web integrator
  • Webmaster
  • Web designer
  • E-commerce web developer

Who is eligible to enroll?

This program is accessible to all, but here are some recommendations:

  • A high school diploma / GCSE level
  • A good level of English (for non-native speakers, a CEFR level of B2, an IELTS band score of 6.5, or a TOEFL score of 80 is recommended)
  • Access to a computer (PC or Mac), headphones, a webcam
  • Good internet access

What will I learn?

By the end of this path, you will have learned and practiced the following professional skills:

  • Apply the mentality and techniques of a lifelong learner
  • Integrate a web page from a graphical mockup in HTML5, CSS3, and Sass
  • Implement a relevant navigation structure for a website
  • Create simple animations using CSS
  • Research, analyze, and implement current SEO best practices
  • Ensure web pages are compliant with accessibility standards
  • Make websites responsive to screen sizes and compatible with different browsers
  • Change elements of a website dynamically using the JavaScript programming language
  • Develop and interact with web services with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB
  • Process and store user data securely according to OWASP standards
  • Build user interfaces and single-page applications using the Vue.js framework

How will I learn at OpenClassrooms?

Our learning method is unique and revolves around two elements: professional projects and dedicated mentoring sessions.

 At OpenClassrooms, learning is project-driven because that’s the fastest way to become proficient. Projects offer hands-on experience so you can hit the ground running when you start your new job.  

The Web Developer Path has 7 projects that you’ll need to complete one at a time. You’ll receive a detailed brief with the context, customer requirements, and additional details. Then it’s up to you to go and make it real! To do this, you’ll have to be creative, coming up with innovative solutions to the questions at hand.

Want to see an example of a project? Read our blog post here.

During your path, you will be assigned a mentor who will offer one-to-one support via weekly video conference sessions. This mentor will offer guidance on your projects, help define objectives and guide you until you reach them. Our mentors are dedicated professionals who are experts in their field and have experience in sharing their know-how with our students.

Your diploma

OpenClassrooms is an official private distance learning establishment registered with the Board of Education in Paris, France that grants its own diplomas as well as those of prestigious academic partners.

Upon completion of your studies and validation of your skills by an academic jury, you will earn a "Web Developer" associate's-level diploma, registered with the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)*.
This diploma is at level 5 on the EQF (European Qualifications Framework).

If you have questions about its equivalence in order to undertake further study, contact your university or master's program.

* Sheet available at the following address:

Your Job Guarantee

At OpenClassrooms we are committed to helping you find your ideal job. We promise.

By following the learning path "Web Developer", you’ll learn an exciting new profession with great career prospects.

What’s more, you’ll find a job within six months of graduating or we’ll give you your money back!

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Detailed projects and skills

project 1

A Day in the Life of a Web Developer

What will your job look like? Get a peek at what it's actually like to work as a web developer! You'll analyze the job and define a learning strategy for working towards becoming an autonomous professional.
Duration20 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Describe the role of a web developer
  • Develop a learning plan to develop the required skills for a developer
project 2

Turn Mock-ups Into a Web Page

Get started with HTML & CSS by implementing a travel booking platform's website from scratch.
Duration70 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Set up a development environment
  • Track a code project with version control on GitHub
  • Implement a responsive layout
  • Integrate web content according to a mockup using HTML & CSS
project 3

Integrate a mobile website with animations in CSS

Implement the mobile version of this foodtech website with CSS animations.
Duration90 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Develop a navigation structure for a website
  • Implement design effects using CSS & Sass
  • Ensure design consistency on a website
project 4

Optimize an Existing Website

Research and implement current best practices and standards in web development, including SEO, size and speed, and accessibility.
Duration30 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Write current, maintainable code in HTML & CSS
  • Ensure the accessibility of a website according to WCAG2.0
  • Analyze the search engine performance of a website
  • Research web development best practices
  • Optimize the size and speed of a website
project 5

Build an eCommerce Website

Use the JavaScript programming language to interact with users and external services. Apply a test-driven approach to web development.
Duration90 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Ensure data quality using data validation and cleaning
  • Create a test plan for an application
  • Interact with a web service using JavaScript
  • Manage website events with JavaScript
project 6

Build a Secure API for a Review App

Hot Takes is a new app for customer reviews of specialty hot sauces. Use Node.js, Express, and MongoDB to build its NoSQL database. Secure customer data by applying the OWASP web security standards.
Duration50 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Enable users to interact with a database using CRUD operations
  • Implement a data model
  • Store data securely using NoSQL
project 7

Build a Full-Stack Solution

Analyze a client’s needs to define the scope and features of a new application. With the help of a front-end framework, build a full-stack solution, including a SQL database.
Duration50 hours
Skills acquired in this project
  • Build a full-stack solution
  • Store data securely using SQL
  • Send personalized content to a client
  • Manage a user session
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