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Develop App Using by Groovy

    6 mai 2019 à 9:06:28

    How to build the Android app by using groovy? Any references or suggestions?
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      21 mai 2019 à 7:20:27

      Hi Ankit,
      As an expert, I am suggesting you just let us know more information about you, What's your highest qualification and if you are not from the programming background then let us know, Do you have some basic skills about the programming?
      Here I am sharing with you the hacks though you can learn how to develop an android app and from where you can start/prepare yourself for an android job interview?
      Ideation (coming up with your app concept)
      Drawing a wireframe
      Choosing your IDE and setting it up
      Learning the basics of Java
      Creating or acquiring your images
      Building the layout
      Writing the code
      Implementing more advanced functionality
      Adding some extra polish
      Publishing your app
      To get complete information, Just click here. For starting your learning Journey, Programmer needs to go through with this link
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        21 mai 2019 à 7:27:13

        Hello Vijay,

        I have complete my with computer science and I have the basic knowledge of programming skills. Currently i am starting an online course for groovy. I saw your reference which you mention above, it's also a good source. Thanks for giving me wonderful information.

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          4 mai 2021 à 16:19:37

          Hello Shivambh

          Incase you need android projects or java projects with source code, you can visit this link. You will get remote support also incase if the project does not run on your pc. For java you can click here and for android you can check this link

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            15 décembre 2021 à 14:27:55 - Message modéré pour le motif suivant : Toute forme de publicité est interdite

              5 juillet 2023 à 14:38:58

              Building an Android app using Groovy can be achieved by leveraging the Gradle build system. Gradle, which is a powerful and flexible build tool, allows developers to write their build scripts using Groovy. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to build an Android app using Groovy:

              1. Set up the Android Development Environment:

                • Install the latest version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) on your system.
                • Install Android Studio, which includes the necessary Android SDK and tools.
              2. Create a New Android Project:

                • Open Android Studio and select "Start a new Android Studio project" or choose "File" > "New" > "New Project."
                • Follow the prompts to set up your project with the desired settings, such as the app name, package name, and minimum SDK version.
              3. Configure the Gradle Build Script:

                • In the root directory of your Android project, locate the build.gradle file.
                • Open the build.gradle file and update the dependencies section to include the necessary dependencies for your app.
                • Additionally, you can customize other build settings in this file as per your requirements.
              4. Convert the Gradle Build Script to Groovy:

                • By default, the build.gradle file is written in the Groovy-based DSL (Domain-Specific Language) called Gradle Groovy DSL.
                • You can start writing Groovy code directly in the build.gradle file to define custom build logic and tasks using Groovy syntax.
              5. Build and Run the App:

                • To build and run the app, click on the "Build" menu and select "Make Project" or press the corresponding shortcut.
                • Gradle will compile the Java/Kotlin code, package the app, and generate the APK file.
                • Once the build process completes successfully, you can run the app on an Android emulator or a physical device.

              References and Suggestions:

              • Gradle Documentation: The official Gradle documentation provides detailed information on how to use Groovy in the Gradle build scripts. You can find the documentation at:
              • Groovy Documentation: The official Groovy documentation offers a comprehensive guide to the Groovy programming language. You can explore the documentation at:
              • Android Developer Documentation: The official Android Developer documentation covers various topics related to Android app development, including using Gradle for building Android apps. You can refer to the documentation at:

              It's worth noting that while Groovy can be used for writing build scripts in Gradle, the recommended language for Android app development is Java or Kotlin. Groovy is primarily used for customizing the build process and adding advanced build logic.

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              Develop App Using by Groovy

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