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Educatorsdeck Reviews - Editing & Proofreading

    10 septembre 2021 à 9:09:02

    If you are a student then you should read this article as this will tell you Top 10 best reading logs. Thanks to Educatorsdeck Reviews for sharing.

    Top 10 Best Reading Logs for Students

    Reading is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities. Spending time traveling through the pages of a book is a great resource for stimulating creativity and imagination, as well as being the most efficient way to learn. As in Portuguese, when you read a book in English, it stimulates the development of your vocabulary and verbal skills. Not just that all the expert's writers working for any assignment writing service also suggest to read these reading logs to improve language skills.

    A challenge for those who want to become a Citizen of the World is to read books in English. Perhaps out of fear of not knowing the meaning of the words or taking too long to finish, many people don't even try to read a book in English, even if it is categorized for beginning readers.

    But don't get discouraged! If you love reading, want to start reading books in English and don't know how to start, here are some tips:



    Don't give up on reading any book in English because you think it is reading too slowly. In the beginning, there is no way to compare reading speed with Portuguese, so be patient and insist on your learning. After a while, the brain gets used to understanding the language and everything becomes easier.

    Don't start with a huge book right away

    Always start with smaller books, with clear and easy language. If you are not sure yet, there are adaptations of classics in English that can be purchased according to the level of study. Some bring along a CD, so you can read and hear the pronunciation of the words at the same time. If you like comic books like X-Men, try to start reading with them: as there are illustrations, you can use your knowledge of the language with the visual. If you like national stories more, there are even Monica's Gang comic books in English, with a glossary of words and the meanings at the end.

    Be interested in reading

    Prefer to choose the first book in English by an author you already know. If you want, read a book whose story you already know and read in Portuguese. If you don't have a favorite, choose the genre that will most please your reading. Once you have more mastery, it is interesting to vary the subjects of the books in order to acquire more vocabulary.

    Prefer books with objective language

    Genre books for Young Adults (YA) or youth literature, as we call it in Portuguese, are the most recommended for anyone who is looking to start reading in English. In addition to offering a wide variety of authors, they can be easily found in online bookstores, which offer free shipping to various regions of Brazil, or even in physical stores.

    Use technology to your advantage

    While reading, you can stay connected to an online translator to consult the translation of the words that have the most difficulty. If you like E-books, there are some digital readers that have the option to download a dictionary. When you click on the book's English word, the dictionary automatically translates the word. Some websites give book recommendations and others manage to make the first pages of the book available for reading. So, there is no mistake in choosing the best for you!

    Best reading logs for English language students

    We have separated unmissable books, in three levels of English, according to the vocabulary, so you can learn in the best way:

    Wonder - Extraordinary

    Author: RJ Palacio

    Synopsis: August Pullman is a 10-year-old boy who was born with a syndrome that caused several deformities in his face. Because he had undergone many surgeries to repair malformations, August never studied at a college. The book is narrated by August and other characters, as soon as he starts going to school.

    Beastly - The Beast

    Author:  Alex Flinn

    Synopsis: Rereading the classic Beauty and the Beast, this time the story takes place in the contemporary world, more precisely in New York. Kyle is a very handsome and powerful young man, but in the same way, he is also selfish and selfish. After making fun of a girl at school, who was a witch in disguise, Kyle becomes the target of a spell that turns him into a monster. The only way to break the spell is for Kyle to love someone and be reciprocated in two years.

    Looking for Alaska - Who are you, Alaska?

    Author: John Green

    Synopsis: The book tells the story of Miles, a boy who leaves his few friends and his boring life in Florida to study in Alabama. When he gets there, he meets his roommates, Takumi and Alaska. The book chronicles their friendship and is divided into two parts: the before and after of an important event in Miles' life.

    If I stay - If I stay

    Author: Gayle Forman

    Synopsis: Mia has a great life: she is a 17-year-old cellist with a beautiful family and a boy she is in love with. But all of that changes when she and her family are in a car accident. Mia's family dies and she is taken to a hospital in a coma. While her body is inert, she manages to reflect on her entire past and tries to decide whether life is worth fighting for.

    Life of Pi - Life of Pi

    Author:  Yann Martel

    Synopsis: The book chronicles the trajectory of Pi Patel, an Indian boy who spent his life among animals in his family's zoo. Everything changes when Pi's father decides to board a ship bound for Canada. During the trip, a tragic shipwreck leaves the boy adrift in a boat, in the unusual company of a Bengal tiger, an orangutan, a zebra, and a hyena. The book shows Pi's struggle for survival alongside dangerous animals on the high seas.

    Into the Wild - Into the Wild

    Author: John Krakauer

    Synopsis: Chris McCandless is a young upper-middle-class American who has just graduated. After rethinking his life choices, Chris decided to abandon everything and begin a two-year journey to Alaska. He created a new name, Alexander Supertramp and lived during those two years as a pauper. When he arrived at his destination, he began to live in contact with nature and his true self. 

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      27 septembre 2022 à 1:42:01

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      Educatorsdeck Reviews - Editing & Proofreading

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