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Est-il possible de s'en tirer avec un Switch?

27 juin 2020 à 16:03:59

What Things Should You Care About Laser Distance Measurer?

Some people call them laser range finders; others call them laser range finders. They are an excellent option for those who don't want the limited and limited use of traditional tape measures. A laser coil is a tool that sends pulses of laser light to a specific target and records the time it takes to get a light reflection. This best laser measure enables accurate reading even over very long distances.

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Choosing the best laser measure is always a challenging thing

Besides, the integrated functions allow adding, subtracting, and calculating volume, area, and triangle. You can perform complex, time-consuming calculations quickly, efficiently, and accurately. A high-quality laser tape measure is an excellent addition to your arsenal, whether you are an architect, contractor, contractor, or surveyor.

How do you work?

The laser rangefinder sends pulses of laser light to your target and retrieves the reflection when it returns to display the reading. For distances less than 30 meters, laser rangefinders have an accuracy of + (-) 3 mm, and built-in processing allows them to add, subtract and calculate mass, area, and triangle.

Devices that measure time move between two points and convert them into distances. The conversion formula is straightforward - distance = 1/2 (speed x time). However, since the light moves at 300,000 km / s, the watch must record the times in billionths of a second.

Don't panic; the devices are exact! On the other hand, ultrasonic range finders work similarly, but instead of using light, they use very high-intensity sounds that you cannot hear. The sound moves at a 1/2 km speed per second and is, therefore, an exact time measurement.

How accurate is a laser measuring device?

The laser tape measure is more accurate than a traditional tape measure or ultrasonic range finder when the height, width, and length cannot exceed 198 meters (650 feet). It is accurate to within 3 millimeters or one-eighth of an inch when recording distances below 91.5 meters (300 feet).

Tape measures are a great choice for insurance regulators, building contractors, flooring specialists, architects, and anyone else with a wide range of measurement jobs. Homeowners can also use them to measure the surroundings of their home.

Laser tape measure vs. a fractional tape measure

Distance measurements cannot be compared to old-fashioned measures for speed, safety, accuracy, convenience, versatility, and functionality. Ultrasound machines offer similar functions but are also less accurate.

Laser rangefinders are accurate within a few millimeters; They're synonymous with tape measures for long distances, and their lines are usually straight - they don't sag or bend. The user has the right to select units, and there is no risk of intermediate marks being misread.

The laser rangefinder is faster because the user has to point, click, and wait for the results to appear on the screen. The measurement takes place in a fraction of when the user pulls the sub-tape, brings the size, and does another calculation.

With the laser dot screen and backlight, the laser tape measure can be used in low light conditions, and you don't have to wait for the sky to light up or some lights to turn on to measure distances. You do not necessarily have access to the other end of the measurement range. When there is a line of sight to the target, it is easier to find the distance.

  • You don't have to worry about a ground obstruction or extensive features like a cable or pipe.
  • You can record upward measurements quickly and safely.
  • There is no need to climb ladders, wet or steep surfaces to take measurements. The safety benefits are more valuable in hazardous environments. In some cases, you may not be able to complete your work with the break tape measure.
  • The laser rangefinder allows the user to measure two sides of a right triangle simultaneously and use the built-in Pythagoras function to calculate the distance and area.

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  • Similarly, you can record the height of the structures without being next to them. All you need to do is measure the distance between its base and the top position of this laser distance measuring tool.
  • You can also measure a building's width by standing a few feet away and using the triangle method. A subband also never automatically measures volume. It would help if you had a notebook, calculator, and pen. Perform calculations.
  • The laser rangefinder gives you continuous measurements in case you need to reposition the sub-band multiple times. You have to go and mark the minimum distance to the building and then measure. This method is very beneficial in dangerous situations.

What makes a useful laser measuring device?

There are many best laser measure brands on the market

Like you would expect, when purchasing any other tool, choosing a laser measurement tool requires a lot of thought. Before buying a measuring device, you need to make sure that it meets your needs. Here are some factors to consider if you want to do this easily:


The range indicates how far the laser measuring device can reach and still gives you reliable measurements. In most situations, a useful tool should be over 100 meters high.


Accuracy is essential, and whether you're working on a detailed or straightforward project, you need to be confident in the measurements you take.

The accuracy of a laser measurement device depends on various factors, such as B. limited range and environmental conditions. Steam can interfere with the water jets on wet days. Make sure that the model you are using works properly under such conditions.

Measurement modes

Laser tape meters offer different measurement modes. They allow the user to measure in a straight line and different ways. The number of methods you need depends mainly on the nature of your work. If all of your measurements are linear line measurements, having an additional one or two modes is a good bonus.

Easy to use

A laser meter has modes that provide more control, but a tool with fewer ways is easier to use. If you don't need more complex methods, choose a simple option that makes it quick and easy to measure.

The screen

The screen should be clear for easy reading. Find a device with information labels visible. For example, you should know which mode you are using and what the screen measurements mean in low light. Otherwise, it will be hard to read, and you will make mistakes.

Protection class

Manufacturers use the rating scale to classify their laser gauges. The rating scale describes various factors that can harm the performance of tools. The first digit is usually on a scale from 1 to 7 and indicates how tight the manufacturer has sealed the dustproof device. When the crowd is large, the resistance is good.

The second digit relates to water resistance. Manufacturers rate water resistance on a scale of 1 to 9, and those with higher scores are more water-resistant. Depending on the intended application, ensure that you choose the best laser measure that meets the expected conditions.

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The amount of memory you need in your device depends heavily on how many measurements you take in a given period. Most standard tools can store up to five different heights.

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29 juin 2020 à 15:37:06


Si tu mets un switch oui, tu pourras avoir ton PC sur le même réseau que ton scanner, mais pour ce faire il te faudra au minimum trois câbles :

 - un du modem au switch

 - un du switch au scanner

 - un du switch au PC

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Thomas | Community manager | ikoula Serveurs dédiés, VPS et Cloud Public

31 juillet 2020 à 16:42:24


1 cable RJ 45 pour 4 éléments. Donc non c'est pas possible sans Wifi. Achète des câbles RJ45, ca doit couter 5 € max le câble et puis si tu as gardé les différentes box, modem TV ... il y en a un ou 2 par boîtes. 

Comment se prendre la tête pour 5 €

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arf !!!