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    6 septembre 2021 à 10:10:24

    Top 5 ICT Tools for College Student

    The emergence of new technologies has meant a profound change in a society that has not in vain been called the information society. In our current environment and thanks to tools such as the Internet, information is available in huge quantities available to everyone. It would be unthinkable to expect that a change of this magnitude would not have an impact on education.

    Another impact of the use of these tools is in the curricular contents, since they allow the information to be presented in a very different way than the traditional books and videos (replacing old resources). For starters, these are more dynamic content with a fundamental distinguishing feature: interactivity. This encourages an active attitude of the student against the nature of exposure or passive, which makes possible a greater involvement of the student in their training. The new contents allow the creation of simulations, virtual realities, make it possible to adapt the material to national or local characteristics and are modified and updated more easily.

    1. Office365: Microsoft's collaborative environment provides a space for the creation of minisites , workgroups, cloud storage, chat or online document editing , among other useful tools for working collaboratively.

    2. Zoho: Group of web applications that allow you to create, share and store files online. It also includes chat, videoconferences, mail, calendar and online office tools.

    3. Google Apps for Education: Collaborative environment focused especially on the field of education, which includes various Google tools that allow working online: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Docs or Sites.

    4. Edmodo: Educational platform that allows sharing documents and information and communicating in a private environment, as a social network.

    5. Dropbox: The most used online storage service, to save all types of files. It offers the possibility of creating folders shared with other users and connecting from different devices through apps .

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