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Suggest Best Python Courses

Python Courses

13 février 2021 à 16:12:21

Hello all, I want to learn python from the scratch. so please suggest the best online Python Courses, I searched this on the internet and many of the sites say udemy and many say Coursera is best. please suggest to me which course is best and please suggest to me the best book for Python.
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Life does not give second Chance

13 février 2021 à 18:24:20

You can do a search on Internet with the keywords  python tutorial beginners -youtube  etc.
I found this one that seems to be fine:
You can add the keywords pdf or books in your search if you want.
Good luck!
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Le Tout est souvent plus grand que la somme de ses parties.

3 mars 2021 à 16:17:31

thank you for your reply, I found some of the best books while searching on the internet:
1: Head First Python
2: Learning Python
3: Python Tricks
4: Fluent Python
5: Python in Nutshell
also found this, in the internet author separately listed books for beginners and for advanced developers here and I also found the Khan Academy python Tutorial as well this really very helps to learn Python 
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Life does not give second Chance

26 octobre 2021 à 10:46:04

I'd recommend these books:

Python Crash Course
Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, 2nd edition
Effective Python: 59 Ways to Write Better Python

To get an idea what each of them is about, there's a comparison table of book reviews submitted by e-bookzone customers.

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28 janvier 2022 à 11:19:49

Python is an extremely useful language, which is used by various tech giants. Python’s code and readability makes it very easy to understand and one can program huge programs with ease. Another great advantage of Python is its in-built modules and packages. One can even download more modules and packages according to the programmers’ requirements. recently i visited a post on the Internet while i search for the best Python Books, and found this Post ( is very good, here author listed sepratly books for begineers and for the advanced Programmers, i also buy this Python courses( from udemy and this really help me improve my skills. i also buy some books from amazon.

1: Python Crash Course
2: Head First Python
3: Python CookBook

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13 janvier 2023 à 7:50:06

At University Homework Help we have a reputation for being able to deliver Python programming homework solutions of the highest quality. The good thing is that we don't charge exorbitant prices considering that most students have a fixed budget. We believe that students should enjoy whatever they learn and hence our services are designed to make things easy for them. With our reliable services, our clients can rest assured that their assignments and homework are being handled properly. We can help you save a lot of time, which you can devote to other academic subjects.
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30 mars 2023 à 21:32:46

There are many online Python courses available, and it can be difficult to choose the best one. Universities of Michagan and Harvard, probably are the best, but costly. Udemy and Coursera are both popular platforms that offer Python courses, but there are other options as well. Here are a few recommendations: - here you can get not only a good an deep theoretical knowledge, but also good practice and mentorship.

Scientific Computing with Python (freeCodeCamp) – quite well specialized in coding and might be affordable.

The books are these:

  1. "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python" by Al Sweigart - This book is available for free online and teaches Python programming in a practical way by showing how to automate common tasks.
  2. "Learning Python" by Mark Lutz - This book is a comprehensive guide to Python programming and covers everything from basic syntax to advanced topics like networking and database programming.

They should be the best and you can find them on Amazon or at any other book store.

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9 juin 2023 à 12:52:18

Learning Python from scratch is a great decision! Here are some recommendations for online Python courses and books:
Online Python Courses:
1. "Python for Everybody": This is a beginner-friendly Python course taught by Dr. Charles Severance from the University of Michigan. It covers the basics of programming using Python and is highly recommended for beginners.
2. "Complete Python: Go from Zero to Hero in Python 3": This course by Jose Portilla is highly popular and comprehensive. It covers Python fundamentals, data structures, object-oriented programming, and more.
3. "Python Crash Course": Instructor Eric Matthes offers a practical approach to learning Python. It covers Python syntax, data analysis, web development, and game development.
4. "Automate the Boring Stuff with Python": Al Sweigart's course is based on his popular book. It focuses on using Python for practical tasks like automating repetitive tasks, working with files, and web scraping.
5. "Free Python Certification Course": It has a list of courses for Python. I provide general suggestions based on popular online platforms or resources
Best Python Books:
1. "Python Crash Course" by Eric Matthes: This book provides a beginner-friendly introduction to Python programming. It covers Python syntax, data analysis, web development, and more. It's highly regarded for its hands-on approach and practical examples.
2. "Learning Python" by Mark Lutz: This comprehensive book is suitable for beginners and covers Python in-depth. It explores various topics like data types, functions, modules, and more. It's often recommended for those who want to gain a solid understanding of the language.
3. "Python Cookbook" by David Beazley and Brian K. Jones: This book is ideal for intermediate Python programmers. It offers a collection of practical recipes for solving common Python programming challenges and dives into more advanced topics.
4. "Effective Python" by Brett Slatkin: Geared towards intermediate and advanced Python programmers, this book provides concise and practical advice on how to write clean, efficient, and idiomatic Python code. It covers best practices and explores various Python features and libraries.
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1 juillet 2023 à 8:52:14

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to access our services at any time and from any location. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the highest level of assistance possible. We understand that completing university homework and assignments within the deadline can be a challenging task for many students. That is why we offer 24/7 support to ensure that you can get help whenever you need it. Our team of experts works with you one-on-one to ensure that you fully comprehend the subject matter and excel in your coursework.
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25 juillet 2023 à 22:06:37

I think we had enough answers for this topic since 2021, and we got double the amount of spam adverts to clear out. Maybe it's time to close.
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