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Want to install turn signal on my electric bike

    24 juin 2022 à 11:42:15

    I'm a freshman computer science major, and I still have a lot left to learn in the realm of circuitry, but I have a decent understanding of the fundamentals.

    I have made an electric bike, and I wanted to install turn signals. The bike's battery is a 52 volt nominal, Lithium Ion battery (max 58 volts), so all my components must be able to operate on the voltage of this battery (unless I wanted to get a dc-dc converter to reduce to 12 volts, which I don't).

    I installed a 60 volt solid state flasher relay(Solid State Relays Online Ordering | PDF Datasheet | In-Stock) to control the LED turn signals, but one problem is that the flasher doesn't allow the signal lights to flash completely on and off. Instead, they flash from 100 percent brightness to about 50 percent brightness. There appears to be some electricity leaking through the flasher. When I insert my body into the circuit, my own dry skin is enough of a conductor to light the LEDs to about 40 percent brightness. (Crazy huh?) So, the LED's apparently don't need very much electricity. Therefore, I expect it might be difficult to use a resistor to reduce the system power enough to prevent the LEDs from lighting at all when the flasher is "open." My knowledge of resistors is still limited, so any suggestions on this approach are appreciated.

    Alternatively, my next idea was to use two electromechanical relays to completely break the circuit. I plan to control the energizing of the relays via my dashboard turn signal switch on my handlebars. Observe the following diagram (You'll have to forgive my circuit design skills):

    Text White Line Black Parallel

    Are there any flaws in this idea? Improvements? Will this work, given I get the right relays? If so, can you point me to the best relay for this (must handle up to 60 volts)?

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        Want to install turn signal on my electric bike

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