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Get Some Practice Analyzing Data using the Scikit-Learn Library

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It's Your Turn!

In this activity, we will be mobilizing everything we have seen in the first part of the course.

We will look at the relationship between the distance that separates us from a galaxy and the speed at which it moves away from us. This relationship was first discovered by Erwin Hubble in 1929. 

The first step is to load the content of the hubble.csv file. Remember to load the data and not just copy its content into code!

Next, look at the data it contains and perform a linear regression on the two variables: distance and velocity. To do this regression, you must use the Scikit-Learn library. 


  • Visualize your results with a graph. 

    • The graph must include both data points and the curve obtained through linear regression

Further Instructions

  • Plot both the data points and the line fitted to the data on the same graph

  • Ensure the plot is readable and clean (font size, labels, units)

Check Your Work

Exemple de certificat de réussite
Exemple de certificat de réussite