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Introduction du cours

Android is the most widely-used open source mobile system in the world! Why not learn how to make an Android app yourself and make it available to billions of people?

Android powers over 70% of smartphones worldwide, and many leading start-ups have adopted “mobile-first” strategies (Snapchat, Waze, Instagram, etc.) to match this market demand for mobile applications. This makes it obvious that adding Android development to your skill set is a real asset!

We'll explore layouts, functionality, and more Android goodness in this course. Building Android applications on your own is easy thanks to a virtual machine called the Android emulator, which allows you to build and test apps even without an Android smartphone. 📱

You'll even get to build a concrete example app, an RSS feed reader, that will offer you a great playground for trying out the concepts you're learning.

Join us now to learn the basics of Android development!

Exemple de certificat de réussite
Exemple de certificat de réussite