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Sales Team

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👻 (Ghostbusters music playing) 👻
If there's something to sell
In your company
Who you gonna call?

Yes, we have a Sales Team at OpenClassrooms. Here, they are really dedicated to selling to other businesses. This is why we say that the Sales Team is focused on the B2B (Business To Business) market.

What does the Sales Team do? Which type of customers do they meet? How do they handle their commercial funnel? Which software do they use? And how do they collaborate with other teams? Let's enter the sales spirit! 🤑


The Sales Team is here to find the right business partners who want to help build or benefit from OpenClassrooms' education experience.

There are really two things going on here:

  • Find schools, universities or companies who'd like to build a new path with us. This is where we sell our instructional design capabilities. We already have a plan: we know what we want to build (like a webmarketing course), so we look for partners to help us do it. These partners will provide their teaching and technical expertise, their curriculum and degree, while OpenClassrooms will provide the online teaching expertise, course creation, hosting, course animation and marketing.

  • Find companies who'd like to train their employees in a cost- and time-effective way. They might be interested in buying one of our premium offers. Sometimes they buy hundreds or thousands of Premium Solo accounts to train their employees on a regular basis throughout the year. Other times, they want to buy some Premium Plus to help their employees evolve in their jobs.

The Sales Team isn't just selling: they're here to make the right business connections.


The Sales Team is composed of eight‌ people, working on one of the team's missions:

  • Instructional design sellers: they build path projects with partners (usually schools and companies). It can take a while to find the right partner and to align with a plan, but once it's done it's great news because the contract can have an important impact for OpenClassrooms and our students.

  • B2B Premium sellers: they sell B2B premium accounts to companies. Usually it's for companies who want to train their employees, but it also happens that a school wants to provide part of their training on OpenClassrooms (for example to give some coding skills to business school students).

Like other teams at OpenClassrooms, people work together internally pretty often. This is quite rare for a sales team, where people are more used to competition than collaboration. For example, the instructional design sellers talk a lot about potential customers and build the offer together. They prefer to share their bonuses, thus expanding the collaboration spirit that we like here at OpenClassrooms. 😊

The Sales Team also generally has an intern to help us build offers, answer phone calls and do some of the market research (not all the time, but often).

Who's The Boss?

Our Head of Sales, Clément, is the boss here. Clément does two things:

  • Make a decision when needed: usually, the team is autonomous, but sometimes if people can't agree or are not sure, they will ask him to make the decision.

  • Sign contracts: whenever we make a commitment to a customer, he signs the contracts.

That being said, people in the team are largely autonomous when it comes to creating products, defining pricing, targeting customers, etc. They collaborate a lot to decide on the best course of action.


The Sales Team has a sales meeting every Tuesday. In this meeting, we talk about:

  • Sales activity: how many meetings did we have with potential customers? How much do we expect to sell in the near future? How confident are we about closing the deal? Last but not least: did we get customers to sign? 🤑

  • Customer objections and current problems: what are our customers saying? Does our offer suit them or not? If not, how can we enhance our proposals?

  • Marketing: following customer objections, we can update our marketing offer. What actions can we take immediately? Do we need to change some pricing options? Should we present our offers in a different way? Powerpoint slides and email templates will get updated there!

This is the only formal meeting. Of course, this doesn't mean we don't talk to each other otherwise!

Collaboration with other teams

Each week, Clément has a meeting with someone from the Education team to talk about their timetable for course production. This helps him understand the workload they have, tell them what's probably going to be signed and plan ahead if the Education team is going to need another person to help deliver a project to a customer.

People from the Sales Team, especially instructional designer sellers, will talk to people from the Education team when they need some help to draft out a new path proposal. This usually happens when they've met a potential partner and are asking themselves if the curricula would make sense on OpenClassrooms. If the answer is yes, the person from the Education team will work closely with the sales team to help draft a proposal, often moving desk and sitting with the B2B team for a few days if needed.


The Sales Team uses various software applications, the first one being... (suspense)... Salesforce! I'd bet you're surprised. 😜


Salesforce is the #1 CRM in, well, the world. This is the tool the Sales Team uses everyday to list our customers, check the commercial pipe, get reminders to get back to customers, etc. In other words, this is where you can see most of what's the team is doing and how well everything is going.

We use Salesforce CRM to track progress
We use Salesforce CRM to track progress


When it comes to marketing, we use Hubspot. Like Salesforce, this is a big tool with a lot of capabilities. You can create marketing content, reach out to potential customers via social networks and emailing, automate your marketing campaigns, analyze your results, etc.

Hubspot is used to source potential customers with inbound marketing. This is a marketing technique where you want to attract the customer to you, instead of cold-calling (and annoying) them. For instance, a potential customer will want to contact us after reading one of our white papers about online training.

Once we have someone interested, their profile will appear on Salesforce, which will take the lead from there.

We use Hubspot for marketing
We use Hubspot for marketing


Trello is a bit like a shared whiteboard to the Sales Team. It's used to write general actions that have to be done and as an entry point before something enters our Salesforce.

We use Trello to write everything else we have to do
We use Trello to prepare ourselves, before something enters Salesforce

Commercial challenges

Sales Team usually have commercial challenges to motivate people to reach and go beyond their objectives. Well, we do have commercial challenges here at OpenClassrooms! They are centred around collaboration rather than internal competition.

Every 3 months, the Sales Team sets up a new commercial challenge. The idea is to reward the whole team if it is overperforming, which means going beyond 130% of the initial objective.

The team gets to choose what their prize will be together. It could be a day out to watch the tennis at Rolland Garros an outing to the Casino in Deauville, etc.

Who Are They?

Who are the people in the Sales Team? What is their background and what makes them special?

When asked, the Sales Team quickly answered: "We're the ones who have the most children here in this company!" It's true as well! They have 11 children between them, which is more than the rest of the company combined. So you could say it's a mummy and daddy team. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

You can tell because they bring their children to the office sometimes. One of them is a future artist!

Children of the Sales Team often wander in the office. Here is some proof.
The Sales Team have free-range children who roam the office. Here is proof!

On a professional side, people from the Sales Team come from various companies, like IBM, training centers and job boards.

Some veterans in the Sales Team. No, you're not seeing alcohol in the background.
Sales Team veterans. No, that is not a bottle of alcohol in the background.


When it comes to traditions, the Sales Team has many!


People say that sales teams eat out in restaurants a lot. Well, from what we can see here at OpenClassrooms, our Sales Team is no different.

It's a team tradition to eat out together once a month, but in practice you'll probably see them several times a week in a restaurant nearby!

You can see the Sales Team at the restaurant pretty often!
You'll see the Sales Team eating out pretty often!


People in the Sales Team definitely know how to party! They are easy going and you can be sure you'll have a fun night out with them.

Who did a backflip jump first in the pool at our offsite retreat? The Sales Team of course!

Who shouts "OPENCLASSROOOOOMS!!!" out of nowhere when you least expect it? The Sales Team again!

Sales Team jumps into the pool first
The Sales Team jump into the pool first

This could explain why the Sales Team tend to wake up a bit later than other people in the company (you can see them around 09:30-10:00) and why they also leave a bit later (19:00-19:30). Party music starts inexplicably on Friday evenings in the office, and the sound is clearly coming from the Sales Team desks. 🎼

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Exemple de certificat de réussite