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Students Team

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The Students Team is relatively new. Bear in mind that this chapter will be updated as the team matures.


The Students Team's mission is to source, inspire and empower students:

  • Source and acquire new students who are ready to join OpenClassrooms either through an individual path, a specific program, or an apprenticeship.

  • Empower students by guiding them through our different educational options to find the best fit.

  • Assess and evaluate student applications to our different programs and determine whether they will be successful.

The Students team acts as the gateway to OpenClassrooms, intending to get everyone in and with the most suitable option. Their goal is to recruit students who can succeed in getting their education with us.


Many people work in the Students Team. What are their different roles? Let's find out!

  • Growth marketing: Growth marketers are in charge of student acquisition including sourcing candidates for our different programs, generating leads of self-financed students, building partnerships to increase OpenClassrooms’ brand awareness, and scaling our pool of students.

  • Insides sales: The students inside sales team is responsible for signing up our students leads who come to us with their own financial solution. Their role consists mainly in advising students, providing feedback, and signing them up on the right path.

  • Admissions: This team is in charge of managing the entire student application process. They check that the candidates meet the path prerequisites. They guide them throughout their application to apprenticeship and publicly/privately funded programs (POEC, scholarships, private programs, etc.) in France and international markets (UK, U.S., Africa, etc.).

Who’s Leading?

Matthieu leads the Students team. Before joining OpenClassrooms, Matthieu built his skillset in other fast-growing companies, developing his ability to scale a product and build growth strategies. He also worked as a consultant and has great experience with various industries (FMCG, banking, mobility, etc.)

Meetings or Habits 

Meetings are not a common thing within the Students team. While each subteam team organizes its own meeting organization around daily stand-ups- a quick regular review of What is planned? What has been done? - or sprint kick-off - a more formal meeting focused on setting the direction for the week - there are no formal meetings.

Collaboration With Other Teams

The Students team acts as the gateway to OpenClassrooms for students; therefore, it interacts with many other teams within the company.

  • The Education team: Whenever the admission specialists need to assess a student's chance of success on a specific path, they will consult on how to test the necessary prerequisites and skills.

  • The Business Development and Social Programs teams: When a new program is launched, the growth team needs to define how many students they want to source for this specific program.

  • The Communications team: The growth and Communications teams work together to define the message and ads use to reach potential new students.

  • The Product team: The Students team shares its needs in terms of tools to drive more traffic to the platform.

  • The Data team: The Students team defines and prioritizes its actions based on careful data-based tracking of its past initiatives and tests.

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