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G&A Team

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To end this overview of the various teams at OpenClassrooms, let's talk about the G&A Team. It's the smallest team at OpenClassrooms (four people!).

What does G&A mean?

G&A stands for "General and Administrative". Basically, everyone who has a global impact on OpenClassrooms daily operations and who doesn't fall into the other teams is in the G&A team.

This chapter will be very short, obviously, but we didn't want to forget G&A just because there aren't a lot of people. 😉


The G&A Team's mission is to provide support in the daily running of OpenClassrooms.

Most notably, they take care of human resources related stuff, work on the financing aspects and provide support for legal matters.


Having read the mission, you can easily imagine the roles there:

  • Human resources (HR): they will participate in the hiring process (helping other teams screen candidates), give the paychecks, etc.

  • Finance: how is the company doing? How much money is it making? Where do we spend the most? Finance keeps an eye on our precious money ("No money, no OpenClassrooms!"). 💰

  • Legal: if you need to get help checking a contract, or if you need a contract to be written, ask them!

  • Partnerships: we need to build partnerships with strong brands. It's an important mission, because we want to be connected with big companies and the academic world.

Who's The Boss?

The team is small, autonomous and diverse enough, so they have no boss. However they report directly to Pierre, our co-founder, when they need to.


Here is some of the software we use in G&A. 🙂


Recruitee is our ATS (Applicant Tracking System). This is the software we use to write our job offers, manage our recruitment website, follow our applicants, share remarks, etc.

Recruitee helps us see all our applicants in one place
Recruitee helps us see all our applicants in one place


The accountants need Sage to do their job here at OpenClassrooms. It shows an inventory and tracks everything OpenClassrooms buys or sells!

Sage is our accounting software
Sage is our accounting software

Microsoft... Offiiiiice... Exceeeeeel

Yes, the almighty Microsoft Excel is very useful to the finance people in their everyday operations. In fact, they're Excel pros. 😎

They use it to make some heavy calculations, to compare our financial status to our business plan, to analyze how much the mentors are getting paid, etc.

(D‌o we really need to show you a screenshot here?)

Exemple de certificat de réussite
Exemple de certificat de réussite