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Social Programs Team

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The Social Programs team is committed to helping a wide variety of populations access high-quality job training, including the unemployed, people with disabilities, refugees, and inmates.

Our Programs focus on developing job skills that are in high demand within the digital economy as well as ensuring that trainees are successfully placed in the workforce. They work closely with government bodies, local authorities, and private organizations, all of which play a vital role in supporting this objective.


What kind of roles can you see in this team?

  • Public Program Managers: They are responsible for sourcing opportunities for new social programs, designing proposals to public or private financing bodies (Pôle emploi, Regions, foundations, etc.), and following the social programs along with the Student team.

  • Director, Regional Social Programs: This role focuses on building a strong and positive image of OpenClassrooms by local authorities and partners as well as sourcing local social programs, helping the team to close them, and overseeing their implementation.

Who’s Leading?

Esther, VP Social Programs, is from La Cour des comptes, the superior audit administration in France. She was mostly working on missions related to the digital transformation of government and administration, as well as justice.

Meetings or Habits

  • Weekly meeting every monday morning to talk about ongoing projects and attribute leads to program managers.

  • Monthly portfolio review meeting to present ongoing projects to the other OpenClassrooms teams (stand-up in the kitchen).

  • One-day team seminar outside of OpenClassrooms at least twice a year.

  • Celebrate each step towards success with drinks!

  • Happy hours for the whole OpenClassrooms team when they are happy! 😊

  • They return from the places they visit with delicious specialties to bring French gastronomy to the OpenClassrooms team.

Collaboration With Other Teams

This team is at the heart of OpenClassrooms, collaborating with every department from Education and Customer Success to Tech and Product.

The team collaborates with Education to build the perfect learning and mentoring content; with Finance to write budgets; with the Students team to identify and onboard candidates - and possibly with every other team in OpenClassrooms for the biggest social programs!

In March 2019, Mounir Mahjoubi, secretary in charge of digital, happily sponsored the partnership between OpenClassrooms and Deliveroo. Thanks to Level up, riders will have free access to OpenClassrooms' Premium pass, which provides access to the entire catalog of courses.

In March 2019, Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary in charge of Digital happily sponsored the partnership between OpenClassrooms and Deliveroo. Thanks to Level up, riders will have free access to OpenClassrooms' Premium pass, which provides access to the entire ca
Mounir Mahjoubi and the Social Programs team
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