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Business Development team

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The Business Development (“BizDev”) team's mission is to introduce OpenClassrooms to new markets and integrate them into the core business of the company, which often involves strategic partnerships. The team’s current focus is developing a presence in the U.S., UK, and Africa.

The mission is quite broad, let’s break it down!

  • To partner with employers outside of France to fully adapt our apprenticeship and corporate training solutions to local market needs.

  • To partner with leading international universities to create joint paths leading to U.S./UK degrees to better serve our English-speaking markets.

  • To partner with tech giants (such as Microsoft or Salesforce) to create best-in-class, industry-aligned paths and education-to-employment programs.

  • To partner with foreign governments and NGOs on workforce development programs to help disadvantaged populations and job seekers in the U.S., UK, and Africa.

  • To serve as local representatives in key international markets.

  • To explore new market opportunities beyond organic innovation (M&A, income share agreements).

This is just a short summary of what the team does. Let’s dive into more detail now! 🙂


Here are the different roles on the Business Development team:

  • Business Development Director: the overall country representative for a strategic market (U.S., UK, Africa) for business development and strategic partnerships.

  • Business Development Manager: in charge of business development and strategic partnerships for a specific geographic zone or a business line.

  • Sales Development Representative: conducts proactive outreach campaigns to generate new leads.

  • Academic Partnerships Manager: implements a coherent framework for managing and developing academic partnerships, including the contractual and revenue perspective.

Who’s Leading?

Attila leads the Business Development team. Before joining OpenClassrooms, he headed enterprise sales for Europe West at Thomson Reuters where he oversaw the introduction of a joint quant analytics offering with Palantir Finance to the European market.

Meetings or Habits

The team has a monthly breakfast session close to the office where members who happen to be in Paris can connect and socialize in a relaxed way, outside of the busy office.

Collaboration With Other Teams

Bootstrapping new markets/offers is an exciting but challenging mission: most deals involve selling services that do not yet exist. This is only possible thanks to a close collaboration with the Content and Product teams, as well as strong involvement with Communications, Student and Employer Success, and Legal teams, among others.

They also exchange best practices and cross-sell with employers and social programs.

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