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Why become a mentor?

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What motivates and drives our mentors? Let's check it out together!

Mentor motivations

We've identified the key reasons why people become mentors:

  • Share (your knowledge): you'll have a clear and direct impact on the lives of your students. For them, their education is a major life decision leading them to their next jobs and to their futures. They'll be eternally grateful for the help you give them.

  • Acquire (experience): mentors often say they learn a lot from their students. Mentoring isn't about imposing one's worldview on others. It's about knowledge, support, and listening. These are important skills to have!

  • Enjoy (flexibility): mentors set their own schedules. You can have up to 5 students to start and increase to 10, or more later if you want (up to 25 students). You can work where you want, anywhere in the world, as the whole gig takes place online.

  • Develop (networks/skills): mentors will grow their own personal and professional networks by connecting with people from all over the world in the same field.   You will also hone your own skills by teaching and learning from others.

  • Achieve (goals): mentors are helping students all over the world to achieve their career goals.

Those are just our words though! Check out what real mentors say.

Mentor testimonials

Here are some testimonials from a few of our mentors!

Mathilde, 26 years old

I've always enjoyed sharing my knowledge. I gave private lessons in math when I was in graduate school. OpenClassrooms has placed their confidence in me by giving me the opportunity to use my experience as a mentor.  

In addition to accompanying students and people who are changing careers, mentoring keeps me on my toes professionally, because I’m constantly evaluating why and how we do things in my field. It's also really rewarding to see students progress week by week.

Mathilde... est mentor sur OpenClassrooms !
Mathilde is a mentor on OpenClassrooms!

Karim, 27 years old

Prior to mentoring, I didn't think I was able to help learners. However, there's much more to mentoring than writing code. There's a technical side, but you've got to know how to organize, give clear examples (and be able to explain the underlying concepts without being confusing), and help the learner set goals that are appropriate and motivating for them. 
Being overseen by an expert who is currently working in the field provides a real advantage for learners. I'm grateful to OpenClassrooms for allowing me to be a mentor and make a living doing what I love!

Karim... est mentor sur OpenClassrooms !
Karim is a mentor on OpenClassrooms!

Alexandre, 27 years old

I've always wanted to be a teacher or trainer, and there just aren't enough developers in programming.  With the help of OpenClassrooms, I managed to turn my passion into my job 8 years ago, and it's a great feeling to able to give back and share my enthusiasm and skills with students who are working to become developers! 

Alexandre... est mentor sur OpenClassrooms !
Alexandre is a mentor on OpenClassrooms!

Thomas, 27 years old

Doing Mentorship on OpenClassrooms has helped me keep my finances stable while I run my own business. It's also a great opportunity to share my hard-earned know-how and experience, especially on how to work through set-backs and challenges. 

Working with students every week gives us the opportunity to form solid relationships with them, which also gives us the possibility of enhancing our professional or personal network. 


Thomas... est mentor sur OpenClassrooms !
Thomas is a mentor on OpenClassrooms!

Elodie, 30 years old

Mentoring has allowed me to share my experience with people looking for jobs. The sessions are, above all, moments of sharing and dialogue to offer the best support to the mentee in their careers. It's very motivating.

Accompanying a student is also an opportunity to brush up on knowledge, read courses, go further with certain concepts...and therefore improve! It's a great adventure.

Elodie... est mentor sur OpenClassrooms !
Elodie is a mentor on OpenClassrooms!

Stéphane, 51 years old

Being a mentor on OpenClassrooms means participating in an educational revolution: distance education has been around for a while but now, you really interact with a learner, without even leaving  your home!  

As a mentor, I can work from anywhere in the world, when it suits me, and it's an enjoyable way to work.

Stéphane... est mentor sur OpenClassrooms !
Stéphane is a mentor on OpenClassrooms!

Quentin, 23 years old

Mentoring allows me to continue to learn web development alongside my students. Working with them on various projects allows me to discover new ways to solve technical problems!

Quentin... est mentor su... Bon je crois que vous avez compris là !
Quentin is (also) a mentor on OpenClassrooms!
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