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New mentors often have similar questions. Check out this FAQ to see if it can help you!

New mentors

How do I know if I've successfully completed my mentor training?

There are several steps involved (take this course, have your interview, etc). The last step involves recording your first mentoring session and sending us the link thanks to the contact form.

We'll watch this first session and confirm that you're ready to be up and running as well as some feedback. Once this done, you're all set!

Can I do project presentations if I'm a new mentor?

Yes, after several months of mentoring students and a bit of discussion with our mentoring manager. Check out presentation examples to inspire you in the meantime and ensure you'll be ready when your day comes!

Must I record all sessions or just the first one?

You must record:

  • Your very first session (as mentioned above)

  • Project presentations (so the jury can see them later)

It's not necessary to record other sessions.

Courses and projects

Is the student obligated to follow and pass courses?

No. The courses are there as resources to prepare the student for the projects. Only projects are mandatory. In theory, a student can only validate projects without taking courses.

In practice, as a mentor, you will surely direct students to courses as soon as you think it's necessary. On the other hand, do not force the student to do all the courses. As soon as you think they're ready, tell them to start working on a project.

Can the student follow courses that aren't in their particular path?

Yes. Path courses are the most recommended, but you can suggest other ones. Personalize the learning experience according to the student you have in front of you. These courses can be on OpenClassrooms and even on other sites or blogs, as long as they're free.

When things aren't working out

What happens if the student never replies to my first email?

Do you have a new student but can't get in touch with them? Try to ping them again after a few days.

If after a week, you still don't have a reply, try to call them if their phone number is listed in their profile.

Touch point with us : the contact form.

Afterward, your job is done. We take over from there.

What happens if my student doesn't show up?

We say a student is a no-show if:

  • The student doesn't show up to a project presentation or is more than 15 minutes late

  • The student cancels 24 hours before a scheduled session

In this case, you should indicate that they were a no-show:

  • In the student's notes (put "No show")

  • Without confirming the student's presence for a session (make sure not to mark that they were present!)

The second point is very important because it lets us calculate the student's attendance.

If this occurs regularly, let us know by using the contact form.

Handing off students

How do I request a project presentation for my student?

Before requesting a project presentation for your student, you must:

  • Prepare your student by letting them know how a project presentation goes down. Make sure they know to act professionally and that the session will be recorded. The first project presentation can be stressful for students, so keep them informed as much as you can! They'll be much more likely to succeed.

  • Remind them of the format: a session that lasts 30 minutes total with 20 minutes of presentation (give or take 10%) and 10 minutes of questions.

Once the presentation is done, you can take back over or transfer your student to a different mentor on the path.

How can I transfer my student to a different mentor?

If you reach the limit of what you're able to help the student with, you must pass your student to a different mentor. If so you can contact us thanks to the dedicated form.

These transfers can take a few days to a few weeks.

Mentor evolution

I'd like to develop my own skills and work with students on more paths. Can I do this?

Of course! No one is every done learning. We are delighted to accompany mentors over time and see them level up. This is why, as a mentor, you have Premium Solo access on OpenClassrooms.

You can also take OpenClassrooms courses or validate your existing level via diploma with a procedure called VAE (Validation of Experience Acquired).

We offer special discounts for all mentors: -20% on the cost of your learning! Please contact us through the contact form.

I have another question !

My question doesn't appear here! What should I do?

Feel free to ask other mentors for help anytime.

‌If not, check the help desk or contact our mentor support via the contact form to get a response from OpenClassrooms itself.

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Exemple de certificat de réussite