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Become a mentor

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Ok, so you've decided to become a mentor. Great!

In this chapter, I'll help you take your first steps as a mentor. We'll learn everything there is to know, from applying to be a mentor to actually being one! We'll also explore the tools our mentors use and teach you how to use them yourself.

How to apply

You can apply at any time. Check out our "Jobs" page in the "Mentoring" category to see the different types of mentors we're looking for:

Apply to be a mentor

Once you've found the offer that interests you, read it carefully, and click "Apply for this job".

Fill out the form the best you can. Not all fields are required, but the more information you send, the higher your chances of being accepted quickly.

We'll let you figure out the skills for which you're comfortable mentoring. Bear in mind that we don't require experts -- just educators! If you're comfortable explaining a particular concept to a friend, you're likely able to be a mentor for it.

What happens once I've sent my application?

You'll have to wait, of course!  😉

We select candidates based on their experience levels and mentorship subjects. If we urgently need mentors on a particular subject, we'll contact you more quickly.  If not, the wait time will be slightly longer.

One of our mentor managers will set up a video interview. Make sure you have a microphone (one that's integrated into your laptop or hooked up to your computer) and choose a calm, well-lit environment for your video call. 💡

The interview will be conducted by a mentor manager. This is the time for us to go over what mentorship entails and to answer any of your questions. We'll also have a few questions for you: can you introduce yourself, what do you do in life, what are some recent projects you've worked on, etc.

We'll pay attention to what you say and how you say it.  Are you nice, patient, and humble? If so, congrats! You're likely to move on in the process.

Your working status

Yep, now we have to talk about a few administrative details before going any further. 😁

You'll indeed need to sign a contract with OpenClassrooms. This contract isn't very complicated, but it must be done correctly. The contract usually specifies how much you'll be paid monthly for each mentoring session you have as well as your obligations to OpenClassrooms and vice versa.

In order to be paid, you'll need to bill OpenClassrooms.  In order to bill OpenClassrooms, you'll need to be a registered professional in your country.

This brings us to the question: who signs the contract?  Who bills whom?

If you have questions on this, we'll talk about it in the first interview with you. It all depends on your professional situation.

If you're a full-time employee

We can either work together through your employer or through your own company (for example, if you're in the US, an LLC).

  • Going through your employer typically works well if you work in tutoring, education, or IT services. Of course, your employer must agree to the arrangement! They'll sign the contract and collect your revenue from the mentoring sessions (which will then be paid out to you with your usual paycheck).

  • Otherwise, you can set up a small business yourself. How you do this will depend on the country in which you live. You'll perform mentoring sessions in your free time. Nonetheless, you should let your employer know that you're adding this small side activity (transparency is good)! In this case, you'll be the one signing the contract with us.

If you are already a freelancer or have your own company

You're pretty much all set! All you have to do is sign the contract, of course.

If you're in a different professional situation (student, jobseeker, etc)

If you don't already have your own small business, you'll have to be registered as self-employed.  Again, this depends on the country in which you reside. Simply search online for how to create your own company or professional arrangement in your country (ex. LLC in the United States). You'll just need to be able to bill us for your services through this professional status.

Sign the contract

After your interview and if you're selected to be mentor, you'll receive the contract via a signing service called Concord.

Take the time to read the contract, and to ask us any questions you may have.

Signing takes place online, so no need to print or send documents!

Exemple de certificat de réussite
Exemple de certificat de réussite