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OpenClassrooms wants to make education accessible by prioritizing a community-based, engaging learning experience.

We offer open courses so that you can learn with us and take control of your future. We help you get started on this path, but it doesn't end there! Our goal is to help you throughout your whole life and entire professional journey.

We, Mathieu Nebra and Pierre Dubuc, founders of OpenClassrooms, as well as our team of 35 people, are with you every day! Intrigued and driven by education and technology, we were only 13 and 11 years old when we started this project: offer technical courses online for those who wanted to code. A passionate community quickly joined us and participates in our site development by also offering courses.

In 2012, we paved the path towards certifying courses, and within just a few years we've become the leading platform for code learning, tech knowledge, and digital culture. As the first e-learning site in Europe with nearly 3 million monthly users and more than 1,000 online courses, we've become a French EdTech champion and want to offer our expertise to others.


  • 2,500,000+ unique visitors
  • 1,000+ courses
  • 40+ partners
  • 500,000+ course signups
  • 100+ country

Some of our partners

  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • polytechnique
  • Sciences Po
  • Centrale Supelec

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Online courses on topics that interest you, when and where you want them, that take the form of videos with professors and experts that teach their own knowledge.

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a Premium user's story

Tech is becoming a major element of professional life. OpenClassrooms is the first company in France to have submitted an application to make their online courses certifiable with a diploma.

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Starting in September, all jobseekers in France will have free access to the numerous tech courses on OpenClassrooms.

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The French startup OpenClassrooms launches its first course program recognized by the French state, based exclusively on its MOOCs.

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OpenClassrooms is leading Europe in the MOOC world. 3 million people take their courses each month! The site's free.

François Hollande - President of France

François Hollande announces unlimited OpenClassrooms access for all jobseekers in France.
Discover unlimited access for jobseekers

This governmental measure, which took effect in September 2015, was presented by François Hollande during an official trip to Switzerland in May 2015.

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