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Employers Team

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The employers team finds the right business partners who want to help build or benefit from OpenClassrooms' educational experience.

Two things are going on here:

  • Find companies who'd like to train their employees in a cost and time-effective way. They might be interested in buying one of our premium offers. Sometimes they buy hundreds or thousands of Premium Solo accounts to train their employees regularly throughout the year. Other times, they want to buy some Premium Plus accounts to help their employees grow in their jobs.

  • Find companies who need to hire new employees. We connect them with apprentices who will spend part of their time at the company and part of their time learning as students on OpenClassrooms.

The Employers Team isn't just selling: they're here to make the right business connections.


The Employers Team is composed of people working on one of the team's missions:

  • Growth marketing: They are responsible for our employer acquisition strategy. They generate qualified leads (employers having an interest in OpenClassrooms). Then, field sales and inside sales can work with the employer to effectively sell one of our products.

  • Field sales: They sell our products to companies (generally large ones) by meeting the customers in the field (hence their name!). It can take a while to close a deal because processes in bigger companies takes longer, but once the contract is signed it’s usually a big one!

  • Insides sales representative: They sell to small and medium businesses by reaching out to leads by telephone. They usually sell smaller contracts than field sales, but they can sell a lot of them in one day!

Like other teams at OpenClassrooms, our Employers teams work together collaboratively rather than competitively, which is unusual. For example, the instructional design sellers talk a lot about potential customers and build the offer together. They prefer to share their bonuses, thus expanding the collaborative spirit we like here at OpenClassrooms. 😊

Who's Leading?

Remy has mostly worked in companies such as Thomson Reuters as Head of Sales. He joined OpenClassrooms in 2018 to build the Employers team.

Meetings or Habits

The Employers Team has a sales meeting every Monday. In this meeting, they talk about:

  • Sales activity: How many meetings are scheduled with potential customers? How much do we expect to sell shortly? How confident are we about closing the deal? Last but not least: Did the customer sign? 🤑

  • Customer objections and current problems: What are customers saying? Does our offer suit them or not? If not, how can we improve the proposals?

This is the only formal meeting. Of course, this doesn't mean they don't talk to each other!

Collaboration With Other Teams

People from the Employers Team, especially instructional design sellers, will talk to people from the Education team when they need help drafting a new path proposal. This usually happens when they've met a potential partner and are asking themselves if the curricula would make sense on OpenClassrooms. If the answer is yes, the person from the Education team will work closely with the Employers team to draft a proposal, often moving their desk and sitting with the B2B team for a few days if needed.


When it comes to traditions, the Employers Team has many!


People say that sales teams eat out in restaurants a lot. Well, from what we can see here at OpenClassrooms, our Employers Team is no different.

It's a team tradition to eat out together once a month, but in practice you'll probably see them several times a week in a nearby restaurant!

You can see the Sales Team at the restaurant pretty often!
You'll see the Employers Team eating out pretty often!


People in the Employers Team definitely know how to party! They are easy-going and you can be sure you'll have a fun night out with them.

Who was the first to do a backflip jump in the pool at our offsite retreat? The Employers team, of course!

Who shouts "OPENCLASSROOOOOMS!!!" out of nowhere when you least expect it? The Employers Team again!

Sales Team jumps into the pool first
The Employers Team jump into the pool first
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Exemple de certificat de réussite